Online Dance Classes for Adult Beginners brings you 'first classes' in a number of dance styles exclusively for adult beginners.

Each class acts as a gold standard introduction to the dance style - we feature some of the finest dance teachers in the world.

If you've been wishing you could dance, you can take your very first steps here.

Dance along in your introductory class, and read our in-depth written guides.  Together they are absolutely the best confidence-booster.

Ready to have a go?

Ballet for adult beginners class

Ballet for adults

Have you ever wanted to be a Ballet dancer?  Then here's a Ballet for adult beginners class that's just perfect for you.  Don't worry if you didn't learn Ballet as a kid.  We can make a ballet dancer out of anybody. And our teacher used to teach the Royal Ballet.  Yes, you read that right.  Ballet teaching just doesn't get any better than this. 
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Modern dance workout

Modern dance workout

Dance your way to weight loss with our Modern Dance Workout. Perfect for everyone who can't make up their mind which dance they'd like to learn, this class features lots of different styles and you'll burn a load of calories at the same time. 
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Learn Ballroon and Latin dance with Brian Fortuna

Ballroom & Latin dance

Love Dancing with The Stars?  Or Strictly Come Dancing?  If you dream of dancing in perfect harmony with your beloved, then here's your chance to be taught by Brian Fortuna, who appeared as a pro dancer on both DWTS and SCD.  The Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing/Jive and Cha Cha can be yours if you give Brian a few moments of your time.
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Hip Hop / Street dance class for beginners

Hip Hop / Street dance

If you want to be the next Beyoncé, (or maybe one of her backing dancers) here's where you start. The extraordinary Lil'J will teach you an entire Street dance routine in just one class.  And then she'll show you how to adapt the timing to your favorite song.  It's awesome.
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Breakdancing for beginners


Hosted by breakdancing guru Emeroy Bernardo, our b-boying section takes you through all the breakdancing basics.  Emeroy will teach you everything you need to know to make the dance your own.
A master of his craft.
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Salsa basic class for beginners

Salsa for beginners

Salsa for complete beginners.  Salsa for complete and utter beginners.  Look, if you think you've got two left feet this is the class for you.  Absolutely everyone can pick up these super-simple steps, no matter how many left feet you have.
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Over 25 million people have seen our online dance classes, including...

Just for dance teachers

If you are a dance teacher, tutor, coach, choreographer, or school or studio owner, and you're interested in classes for adult beginners, this is for you: A dedicated space where we will pass along all our knowledge and support, and where you can add your class details to our directory.
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Why learn to dance at home?

As there are no fees or memberships to be paid, so it's by far the cheapest option for you.  Also, you don't have to buy any special shoes or workout wear (your old jogging pants are just fine for our classes), so more money saved. No hassle finding a parking space or the bus fare - even more money saved (you get the picture). 

Next, there's no fixed class schedule so you'll never be late or miss a class - your online dance class starts whenever you feel like dancing.  And you can repeat it as many times as you wish.  If you struggle to understand a step or position, you just go over that section until you've mastered it.

Every single one of our teachers is a renowned expert on teaching dance for adult beginners.  It would be impossible to offer a 'real world' dance studio with dance teachers of this quality all in one place.  Learning with us is how you can learn from the best. 

And finally, it's private.  Totally private.  Nobody will see you so there is zero embarrassment factor.  Not only does that mean that you'll pick up the steps a little quicker because you're not feeling self conscious about trying them, but also that if you decide to join a local class, you'll have more knowledge and ability than a lot of your class mates.  Bonus.

So you think you CAN'T dance?

As dancers, dance teachers and dance enthusiasts, we've heard all the reasons in the book that keep people away from dance lessons.  Think that dance teachers all scream and shout?  That learning dance is only for kids? That every dance lesson is full of stick-thin girls all wearing matching leotards and doing the splits?    Nah… we wouldn't want to go to a lesson like that, either.

We'll show you what it is like to be in a really good dance class for adult beginners. Our online dance classes feature real people in real lessons.  They aren't staged.  There were no rehearsals and no re-takes.  This is the first time the pupils have met the teacher and have taken the class.  This is what an adult beginners dance class is really like.  Well, OK, with world class teachers, so it's a tiny bit different from your local class.  So when we say 'really good adult beginners dance class' what we mean is absolutely the most awesome, brilliant, never-gonna-get-better-than-this dance class.  And you get to join in.
Happy dancing.

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