Hip Hop for beginners DVD & Online Class

Clips from this Hip Hop for beginners class have been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube.

Here's where you can get the complete, original lesson for yourself, and be taught by star dance teacher Lil' J, who is famous for her amazing ability to teach Hip Hop to absolute beginners in just one class.

All included in your Hip Hop class DVD/Download

  • Full warm up session
  • One huge routine in two separate parts so you can dance them separately or together
  • Loads of different steps and moves so you can make up your own routines
  • Discover everything from Street and Old Skool, through Locking and Popping to Robotics
  • And learn the legendary Body Roll
  • Finally, a professional-level cool down
  • Class length: 42 minutes
  • DVD format: NTSC Region 0 (suitable for all)
  • Shipped worldwide from the USA
  • OR instant access (download or stream) via Vimeo

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Download $11.98
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Meet Lil'J

Our Hip Hop class captures one of the greatest teachers of Hip Hop / Street dance fusion, Lil'J.

More than any other dance teacher we've ever met, she has an extraordinary talent for teaching dance routines to complete beginners in just one short lesson, and using this DVD/download class she can now teach you in your own home. 

Her amazing Hip Hop class will take you from the very basic steps to a fast paced full routine in one lesson.

See her in action...

You'll see that she teaches a huge range of steps and styles, so you can pick the ones you like the most (and the ones you're best at), and combine them to make your own routines set to your favorite track.

All the pupils you will see in the program are just like you - complete beginners doing the class for the first time.

They weren't rehearsed before filming. This is a real class - just join in.

Best Hip Hop dancing tip

Lil'J includes a full warm up and cool down at the beginning and end of every class she teaches.
It's incredibly thorough - good enough for professionals to use.
So never skip the warm up or cool down - they help make you a better dancer.


"I learnt your Hip Hop routine and did it at my school talent show and WON!"

"Hey, I love this!"

"I love how you teach so well"

"Really cool!"

"Wow it's so cool - this is the first time I've ever danced Hip Hop and the teacher is amazing - I can do the routine all the way through."

"The fast routine at the end is awesome!"

Our Armchair Dancer's Guarantee

We want you to love learning to dance.  And genuinely think that learning from our beginner's class is the best place to start.  But if things don't work out, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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Get your Hip Hop for beginners DVD here



via Vimeo

DVD Format:    NTSC  Region 0    Running Time:  42 mins     Soundtrack:  English, Stereo

Get your Hip Hop for beginners DVD here



via Vimeo

DVD Format:    NTSC  Region 0    Running Time:  42 mins     Soundtrack:  English, Stereo

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