Just for dance teachers

If you're a dance tutor, coach, or school or studio owner, this 'just for dance teachers' area is where you can get access to our knowledge and support.

We’ve been championing adult beginners for over 16 years. 
We’ve conducted one-of-a-kind research into adult dance classes; what works and what doesn’t. 
We’ve passed this on to would-be dance pupils in the form of written guides and our unique filmed dance classes. 

Over the years, we've reached over 25 million of them. 

Now it’s time to share what we know with dance teachers like you, so your business can benefit from the insight we have into what adults want from their beginner classes. 

It can be a lucrative area, but one that’s easy to get wrong, too.  So we’ll share what we know works.

And for the first time, you can sign up your studio or classes to our directory.

Our products

If you want to start adult beginner lessons or already run them and need some fresh inspiration for your choreography or content, our programs are ideal.

Taught by some of the world’s finest dance teachers, you can learn routines from the best that you can easily incorporate into your own classes.

Each one follows a full class of complete beginners from start to finish. 
None of the pupils had any prior instruction from the teacher and the filming was not rehearsed. 

So these films are very accurate depictions of excellent standard adult beginner dance classes.  That makes them perfect for you to replicate - whether you want to follow the whole lesson or simply lift some of the moves, steps or routines.

And purchasing any of the products will upgrade your listing in our directory to PREMIUM for free - find out more below or on our Dance directory page.

Our directory

Here at DanceClass.com, by far the most common question we get asked is “Where is my nearest dance class?”.
So we'd be delighted to include your studio or classes in our directory.

You can quickly and easily sign up - it’s free for a basic listing, and if you purchase any of our classes (to use for your own class content ideas) you’ll get a free upgrade to a premium listing. 
Click here to find out more about our directory page...

Guides for dance teachers

We will use this area to feature unique advice and guidance for dance teachers on things like

  • How to attract more pupils to your adult beginner classes
  • How to teach them so they’ll come back week after week
  • The biggest turn-off for adult beginners, why it’s costing you business and how to avoid it
  • A best practice guide to videoing your own class
  • Technical instruction in how to video dance steps, moves and routines for online lessons (including the single most important element of online video to get right - it’s not what you think), and
  • The correct way to set up and run a YouTube channel.

When you submit your class listing to our directory, make sure you tick the box for our newsletter to be kept up to date with this new content.

Getting your dance business online

We'll be providing lots of information on how best to manage your marketing and promotions, particularly how to tackle your online presence.

To get you started, here's some inspiration, as an interview with Suzanne appears alongside 100 successful online entrepreneurs featured in the Internet Business Insights book - read all about it here.

Guest editors

We feature a pedigree of dance teacher that’s simply the best there is.  The teacher featured on our partner dance area was a pro-dancer on Dancing with The Stars.  Our Ballet teacher used to coach The Royal Ballet.
If this is your caliber of teaching expertise, we have opportunities for you to work directly with us, and to draw some of the vast DanceClass.com audience to your own classes.
We do this by inviting teachers to be guest editors who provide a written section on their dance style.  You can see an example of one here, when we worked with Emeroy Bernardo and his extraordinary ability to teach Breakdance to beginners. We are currently interested in hearing from dance teachers of note who wish to be considered as our featured expert in:-

  • Flamenco
  • Jazz
  • Jive
  • Tap
  • Belly & Egyptian
  • Pole dancing

If you'd like to be considered as a guest editor (even if your dance style isn't listed), just email and pitch us.

How to get in touch

If you have any questions, you can use our dedicated dance teachers contact form to get in touch.

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