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Here's a thing.  I used to publish a monthly newsletter.

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So I'm doing the only thing I can – I'm turning it into a blog.

You won't have to wait for entries anymore – I'm going to publish articles, thoughts, ideas, tips and encouragement just as soon as I write it.

And if you want to have a look at back issues of the old newsletters, you can do below…

Sept '17

Why, when it comes to what to wear to dance class,
you're asking the wrong question...

OK, so, it’s the beginning of a new semester of dance classes, and you’ve finally decided to sign up.

You call the studio or teacher, with one main question on your mind: “What do I wear?” 

To which, the teacher will probably say something like “Whatever you feel comfortable in”. 

The teacher is trying to be warm and welcoming and encouraging.  These are all good things.  But their answer leaves you more confused than ever.  Your pajamas are comfortable right?  But those won’t do, surely?  So what does ‘comfortable’ mean?

Now, hopefully the teacher will tell you if there’s anything you definitely need to bring – whether it’s making sure you have some socks for ballet class if you don’t yet have ballet slippers, or making sure that you wear shorts or a leotard for pole dance class so you can grip onto the pole properly.  But apart from a few real specifics, the ‘comfortable’ instruction is really common, and doesn’t actually help you.
But here’s something that will.  You’re actually asking the wrong question.

At the heart of your query is a desire to fit in. You don’t want to turn up and be the only person dressed a certain way.  Wearing what most of the other pupils wear is going to give you the confidence that fitting in does.
So your question shouldn’t be “What should I wear?” but “What do the other pupils usually wear?”.
That way, you’ll get really insightful specifics, and you’ll be able to pitch your outfit just right.

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About me

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I’ve been running for over 16 years. 

Before it launched I’d already been researching adult beginners’ dance classes for several years, and of course long before that (from when I was tiny) I’ve been dancing myself. 

I love the dance world.  And yet, often see things in it that make me want to scream.  With a few tweaks and well-placed tips, both pupils AND teachers can get so much more from their experience of attending or teaching adult beginner’s classes.  This diary is my opportunity to pass along all those little things that can make dancing all the more delightful. 

So welcome the shy, the experienced, the talented, the nervous, the enchanted, the two-left-feet lot.  You'll all find something here to help, encourage, inspire and invite you deeper into the world of learning to dance.  It's a magical place.

I wish you all, as ever, happy dancing

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