Time to celebrate

This year marks 21 years of DanceClass.com
so it's loads of cupcakes for us,
and a very special deal for you...
21% off ALL our
DVDs and Digital classes
(even sale prices).  
Let's DANCE!

Time to celebrate

This year marks 21 years of DanceClass.com
so it's loads of cupcakes for us,
and a very special deal for you...
21% off ALL our
DVDs and Digital classes
(even sale prices).  
Let's DANCE!

Online & DVD Dance Classes for Adult Beginners

Adults! Take a beginners dance class at home.  Choose from eight different classes and get moving. 

All are available on DVD or instantly via video on demand.

Each class acts as a gold standard introduction to the dance - we feature some of the finest dance teachers in the world.

If you've been wishing you could dance, you can take your very first steps here.

Dance along in your introductory class, and read our in-depth written guides.  Together they are absolutely the best confidence-booster. 

Ready to have a go?

Ballet for adult beginners class

Ballet for adults

Have you ever wanted to be a ballet dancer?  Then here's a ballet for adult beginners class that's just perfect for you.  Don't worry if you didn't learn ballet as a kid.  We can make a ballet dancer out of anybody. And our teacher used to teach the Royal Ballet.  Yes, you read that right.  Ballet teaching just doesn't get any better than this. 
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Modern dance workout

Modern dance workout

Dance your way to weight loss with our Modern Dance Workout. Perfect for everyone who can't make up their mind which dance they'd like to learn, this class features lots of different styles and you'll burn a load of calories at the same time. 
Start your workout right now...

Hip Hop / Street dance class for beginners

Hip Hop / Street dance

If you want to be the next Beyoncé, (or maybe one of her back-up dancers) here's where you start. The extraordinary Lil'J will teach you an entire street dance routine in just one class.  And then she'll show you how to adapt the timing to your favorite song.  It's awesome.
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Learn Ballroon and Latin dance with Brian Fortuna


Love Dancing with The Stars?  Or Strictly Come Dancing?  If you dream of dancing in perfect harmony with your beloved, then here's your chance to be taught by Brian Fortuna, who appeared as a pro dancer on both DWTS and SCD.  Here, he'll teach you the waltz and foxtrot
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Breakdancing for beginners


Turn up the temperature a bit and grab a gorgeous partner by the hand.  Brian Fortuna, a master of his craft, will teach you an entire cha cha or swing/jive routine in just a few minutes.  Don't believe us?  Check it out...
Meet Brian and join his online classes

Salsa basic class for beginners

Salsa basics

Salsa for complete beginners.  Salsa for complete and utter beginners.  Look, if you think you've got two left feet this is the class for you.  Absolutely everyone can pick up these super-simple steps, no matter how many left feet you have.
Dance the salsa today...

Belly dance

Go on, admit it.  You've always fancied trying belly dancing, right?  Here's your chance.  Not only a whole guide on everything you need to know, but the divine Helen Santa Maria has recorded a free video class just for DanceClass.com
Start belly dancing here...

Guided journal

For the first time ever, the DanceClass.com wisdom and advice is available as a guided journal to help you get the absolute most from learning to dance.
We've also launched a range of dance-themed composition books aimed at school kids. 
See them here...

Over 30 million people have watched our online dance classes ~ join them here

How does it work?

Decide which dance style you'd like to try.  Easy.

Now, just have a go.  Take one of our classes (either online or on DVD) and dance along at home where nobody will ever see you.  It's bliss.

Finally, read our guide to learning that style.  Each has all the info you could ever need – explanations of the basic steps, what dancewear is ideal for each type of dance, what 'real life' classes are like and endless tips on how to improve your experience of learning to dance.

But that's not all... There's lots you can get out of your introductory lesson.

First, you get to join in with a genuine beginner's class.  Most dance / workout DVDs will show you a bunch of super-fit experienced dancers doing the moves, but it's far more inspirational if you can learn with a group of genuine peers.

Second, it shows you inside a real dance lesson.  This way you get to see how a good dance teacher instructs their pupils.  You'll see a warm, approachable teacher, steps broken down, explained clearly, with plenty of time to practice each one before moving on to the next, a fun, calm atmosphere where pupils don't compete with one another, no negative reinforcement, only positive feedback... you get the picture.

Third, if you’ve signed up for local classes (or plan to) you can use one of our intro classes to give you lots of really useful tips and techniques that will perfectly prepare you for your lessons – you’ll be ahead of many of your class-mates and that’s going to feel great.

Last, of course, you can use your class on its own, every time you need an at-home workout, or if you do sign up for local lessons, use it as your practice session between classes.

So our approach doesn't just teach you dance steps, it teaches you all about the process of learning to dance, and hopefully inspires a love of dance that'll last a lifetime.

You can jump straight to our class pages here...

Online Ballet Class
Online Modern Dance Workout
Online Hip Hop Class
Online Ballroom Dance Lessons
Online Latin Dance Lessons
Online Salsa Class

Got questions?  No problem

We take a pretty unique approach to encouraging adults to take up dancing.

So we completely understand that you may have questions, like

Isn't it better just to go to a real class?
Why don't you offer a whole course classes?  Why just one of each?
I really don't have any dance experience at all / I have two left feet.  Can I do this?

All these and more are answered on our FAQs page.