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Arms can get a bit left out of dance classes so here's a great arm toning exercise for you with a dance twist.

Occasionally arms are relegated to just what you use for finishing touches or balance rather than to actually dance with, and that can leave you lacking a bit of upper body strength. 

Let's address that right now, with this exercise for arms that will work all the major arm muscles and in fact your upper body as a whole. 

It's a great for getting the blood pumping, while just using the weight and mobility of the arms themselves to work all the muscles. 

The upper body swings that you'll see are a fantastic tension releaser - just make sure you've got enough space around you so that you aren't going to hit a wall or furniture. 
You won't get the same results from this if you do it tentatively, worried that you're about to smack something.  So this is a stand-in-the-middle-of-the-room exercise.

Suzanne says
"So often arm toning exercises involve weights.  If pumping iron doesn't appeal to you, this routine could be just the thing you've been looking for."

Easy arm toning tips

When you start this exercise, make sure to keep your shoulders down. 

You'll notice that Alexx starts the exercise by moving her arm in an almost Balletic way. 

Take a leaf out of the Ballet dancer's book and maximize the benefit of the exercise, by always keeping your shoulders down.

Extend the head by lifting it from the back - imagine your spine extending all the way up the back of your head. 

When we ask you to lift the head we don't mean hike your chin up as far as it will go.  Doing that compresses the back of the neck and you end up in the same uncomfortable position as if you're hunched over a desk.  So extend your head by pulling up from the back of neck.

Then, with head lifted and shoulders down, try the exercise.  In this posture, you'll work your arms much harder and get maximum results. 

Other benefits of arm toning

An alternative use for this exercise is to do it after you've had a long day at work. 

If you sit at a desk or behind a steering wheel for several hours a day, a common complaint is that the back of your neck and shoulders feel stiff - like you've poured cement in there. 
A horrible feeling - and just like cement, it's difficult to shift. 

But this exercise is perfect for releasing some of that tension. Just make sure you've got enough room around to really fling out those arms, and go for it.

Toning arms for summer

Let's face it, who wouldn't like a bit more tone and definition in their upper arms? 

It's something that is a common request during the summer months, everyone wants well toned arms in time to wear the skimpy, feminine sleeveless tops of the sunny months. 

But surely you want to look good when you slip into that all important little black dress for the winter party season too, right?  And the vast majority of pretty party dresses don't have sleeves. 

So including a few arm toning exercises as part of your regular dance workout regime is the best idea.

Next it's time to tone up those legs...

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