Ballet for Adult Beginners

Our all-time bestseller
"Now that's a good teacher!"


Our all-time bestseller
"Now that's a good teacher!"


So, this is exciting - you're finally going to learn how to ballet dance!

You're going to get gold-standard information, all topped off by the best introductory ballet for adults class you'll ever see.

It's suitable for you if...

  • you've never danced before
  • you danced a bit as a kid, just for fun
  • you danced a lot as a kid and passed your exams, but haven't danced since
  • you have lots of experience but haven't danced for a ages
  • you have dance experience but inury or lack of fitness has kept you away from classes.

No matter what your age, weight, shape or level of experience, it's here that you can gently introduce yourself to all the moves, steps and positions of classical ballet, in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

Photo Guides

Video Guides

In-Depth Guides

Then, once you've had a go at the basics and would like to try attending your local adult beginner's class, read through our in-depth guides which include lots of information on topics such as how to identify a good teacher, what to wear and what a Ballet class structure is likely to be.

And finally, you can meet our expert Ballet teacher Deborah Sims here.  

By the time you've digested everything we've provided for you here, you'll know enough about basic steps and what your class will be like to leave any nerves far behind and truly get the most out of your dancing.

Stick with us and we'll make you the best dancer you can possibly be.

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