Ballet gifts and dance themed presents

These ballet gifts are not just for the ballet aficionado but for anybody who loves dance.

Even those with two left feet will find the gift ideas for dancers and dance fans below adorable. 

There are several ballet Christmas gifts that are particularly suited to the holiday season, gifts for ballet teachers as a little end of term 'thank you', and gifts for adult dancers. 

There's also a selection of our favorite dance movies to provide all your non-dancer friends with a point of inspiration – enough to get them tapping their toes, anyway.

Guide to buying dance and ballet gifts

It's difficult to buy the wrong dance gift for any fan of dance or ballet lover; most people who love dance, love most dances – they have an appreciation for dance styles other than the one they've studied or know. 

Hip hop dancers know the benefits of having ballet-level stamina and jumping action.  Ballet enthusiasts are usually right at home in modern dance, the modern dance posture check is loved by latin dancers and so it goes on. 

So for once, your chance of buying the 'wrong' gift diminishes.  And one of the easiest gifts for dancers is more dancewear - we can never have enough. 

TOP TIP: The fit of dancewear can be a bit all-over-the-place.  To make sure you get the sizing right, read up on the comments about fit for each piece before ordering.

All our gifts can be found on Amazon

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Enjoy your shopping...


These are SO useful, and are made from organic cotton, too. Under $20, they are the perfect stocking stuffer.

Leg warmers

The happy thing here is that you can be almost certain that whatever leg warmers you choose, they'll fit the dancer in your life.  There are loads to choose from, including extra long, patterned and striped, and packs that include leg warmers, a top and shorts that all match.

Dance bags

The one thing we dancers need as much as more dancewear, is a bag to stuff it all in.  From chic ones that could pass as designer purses, to massive holdalls and backpacks, a dance bag will always get used and loved.

Shrugs and wraps

Fantastically useful, dancers dream of having one in every color.  You can bust the budget here too, if you want, with a pure cashmere wrap at the top of every wishlist.  We've provided some affordable inspiration below.

Ballet-inspired clothing

Dancewear isn't just for inside the studio.  These dance inspired tops from Patty Boutik (and all at under $40) with thrill dancers and non-dancers alike with their ultra feminine look.

Teachers and pupils

Whether you're a dance teacher wishing to pass along a tiny gift to each of your hard-working students, or you're a dance pupil wanting to give your beloved teacher a little token of your gratitude, a lovely teeny-tiny silver charm is an adorable gift.  They can hang on a necklace or bracelet, can be fixed to a hair grip, put onto the zipper of a dance bag or dangled from a key chain.  They're so versatile and there's a design to suit everybody...

Ballet-themed gifts for kids

Wall art

Traditional ballet themes

For the collector

Dance DVDs

Of course, our own DVDs make fabulous gifts for the person in your life who longs to dance but who will never pluck up the courage to go to a class.

Super affordable and of course easy to wrap for those of you who get into a tangle with gift papar and ribbons, DVDs are the perfect small dance gift.  Below, we've just selected the few dance themed DVDs that should be in every dance fan's collection.

Yes, we really have slipped in The Adjustment Bureau onto our list of dance dvd gifts.
OK, so this isn't an obvious choice.  It's not about dance, it's a sci-fi drama from a short story by Philip K Dick.  However, Emily Blunt's character Elise is a professional modern dancer and we get to see some really wonderful modern dance sequences in her rehearsals.  The choreography is beautiful and accessible even to those with absolutely no knowledge of the dance and sits comfortably within the story.  So it's the ideal film to settle down and watch with a total non-dancer.  It has enough content to please the guys and girls equally and is an engaging drama, gorgeously filmed and with one of the best scores we've ever heard.  It's our top pick for the DVD that'll please dance fans and dance-o-phobes alike.

Dance Books

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