Ballet Posture Exercise

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A good Ballet posture exercise is probably the most important element of your class to get right, if you want to get the most from your dancing. 

No matter how beautifully you point your foot or how quickly you can pirouette, if your overall posture isn't good, you'll never look or feel like a proper Ballet dancer.

Doing a Ballet posture exercise should be the first thing that you do in a Ballet for beginners class.

Ours is below, in which you will meet Deborah as she greets her class and gets them to start exploring how to stand when in a Ballet class.  

She also gets them to think more about their feet and how they use them, and where their weight should be for the Ballet positions.

Dancers' feet are strong feet

She then gets her class to gently start warming up the feet.  This exercise isn't just good for Ballet dancing though.  It's absolutely great to do on its own if you want to strengthen your feet. 

Why would you want to do that? 

Well, stronger feet will help you make the most of any exercise or sports that you do, and help to prevent injury and sore backs. 

But strong feet are also crucial if you love wearing high heels.  The stronger your feet, you steadier you'll be when wearing and walking in your favorite shoes.

This exercise sets you up for the lesson ahead.  It's very simple to follow and will get you in the right frame of mind for dancing along with the whole Ballet class.

Ready to join in?  Give it a go and see how you get on.

Enjoy that?  It just goes to show how pleasant and easy-to-follow a well taught Ballet for beginners class can be.

Ballet classes for absolute beginners

Something else to notice from this class is that this initial posture exercise enables Deborah to get to know her class better. 

She builds a rapport with her pupils that sets a warm, friendly and informative tone that lasts the whole class. 

It makes her students feel relaxed and makes the instruction easy to follow. 

If you make it to a Ballet for adult beginners class at your local studio, you might experience something like this...

The teacher just breezes in, doesn't bother with any introduction, and immediately starts barking orders at you, yelling out things like  "Stand in fifth and prepare for battement tendu" and then just magically expects you to know what all that is.  

Take it from us, you're in a pretty poor class (but you probably knew that and are trying to make a hasty exit).

If the scenario above happens to you and you know what those instructions mean, then you're not an absolute beginner, and perhaps you're re-doing a class, or re-visiting Ballet after taking a break. 

That's fine; enjoy your class.

But a beginners class should be taught in a way that includes all the pupils, particularly the ones who have absolutely no experience at all; the real beginners.

So you'll see from the way Deborah introduces herself and puts all her pupils at ease, that she easily includes everyone, from the true beginners to the ones who clearly have done a bit of Ballet before.

You'll always get a mix of pupils in a Ballet for adult beginners class. 

What you need to look for is a teacher who, like Deborah, calmly and cleverly teaches you all, and makes you all welcome. 

And as you've seen from our clip above, this is perfectly possible.

You're now ready to tackle your very first ballet steps...

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