Ballroom Dance DVD & Online Class

Take your partner in your arms and dance with them.  Our Ballroom class makes the dream a reality. 

Have Brian Fortuna from Dancing with The Stars teach you the ballroom basics in your own home.

Learn the WALTZ and FOXTROT.

All included:-

  • Full classes that teach complete routines from the very basics to the finishing touches
  • Suitable for complete beginners
  • Slow-mo demos to check your steps
  • 'DanceCam' so you can see the back of the teacher making it easier for you to copy the footwork
  • Both mens and womens steps taught separately and then together
  • A few intermediate level steps to try if you're feeling brave
  • And ideas of how to turn the basic routines into a wedding dance
  • Each class is 30 minutes
  • Instant access (download or stream) via Vimeo

Your ballroom classes

If you dread the dance floor, want to dance at your wedding but don't know where to start or just think going to partner dance lessons will be too embarrassing, we've got the perfect solution...

Have a 'Dancing with The Stars' pro-dancer teach you the basics in your own home.

On each program, you'll see Brian take a class of complete beginners and teach them the basic ballroom steps in just minutes.  Just follow along with the rest of the class.

You will be astonished at how quickly you pick up the steps. 

But this is a Dancing with The Stars pro dancer, after all.  If anyone can get you dancing, it's Brian.

Meet your teacher Brian Fortuna

Having been a pro dancer on Dancing with The Stars, Brian knows exactly what it takes to get beginners dancing.

His extraordinary talent is now available to you via these brilliant beginners' lessons.

Watch him here as he teaches the very first step of a Waltz

Learn the Waltz

The Waltz is perhaps the most classic of all partner dances and the easiest to learn.  So if you're not sure where to start with your dancing, learning the basic Waltz steps will give you bags of confidence.

On the WALTZ program, join Brian to learn

  • The basic box step
  • A turn
  • Whisks
  • How to turn the box step
  • Then dance the whole routine through along with the rest of the class.

EXTRAS: If you're feeling good and want to take your class to the next level, we've included a quick look at a couple of intermediate steps and also a handy section on how to adapt the routine you've learnt to be suitable for a wedding dance.

Much more convenient and far cheaper than going to lessons, this one class is all you need!

Learn to dance the Foxtrot

If you dream of dancing along with the classic 'big band' numbers of Frank Sinatra and friends, then it's the Foxtrot you need to know. 

In this class, Brian quickly and effectively teaches a whole Foxtrot routine that can be danced around the floor to a variety of tempos, so as soon as the band strikes up, you'll know what to do...

Included in the class are

  • The basic Foxtrot
  • How to rotate the basic step
  • The Rock Turn
  • Promenade Step
  • And then a chance to dance the whole routine along with the class.

EXTRAS: As with all of our partner dance programs, we include a quick look at a couple of intermediate steps and also a handy section on how to adapt the routine you've learnt to be suitable for a wedding dance.

Being able to dance a Foxtrot routine the next time you're at a party or formal function will have your friends amazed, so get your dancing shoes on and get ready. 


"Brian has spurred me on to take up lessons now that his DVD has given me the chance to learn and practice at home first"

"This class is great!"

"Brian is so positive and encouraging"

"I never thought I could dance - now I can!"

"I can't believe how easy you make it"

"Great for getting your husband to dance"

"A nice way to keep fit without strenuous exercise tapes"

"I particularly like the way the class appears to be useful to a wide range of ages"

"For someone wiht two left feet, this is ideal!"

Our Armchair Dancer's Guarantee

We want you to love learning to dance.  And genuinely think that learning from our beginner's class is the best place to start.  But if things don't work out, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

For more details, click here

Ready to start dancing?

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WALTZ class


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Ballroom dance DVD

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