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The right Belly dance clothes and shoes will bring your moves to life and give your dancing huge impact.

Because, let's face it, Belly dancing without the hip jewelry is a bit like Tap dancing without the shoes.

But don't worry about having to have a full authentic outfit for your first lesson.

It's perfectly possible to wear clothes you already have and improvise a little.

A long skirt is ideal for a beginner. Try to choose a skirt in a fine, flowing fabric - it adds to the overall look and gives you plenty of room to move freely.

(Don't wear very long trousers to your first lessons - the teacher is going to need to clearly see the position of your feet.)

Try teaming your skirt with a vest - something that allows your arms and shoulders to be free.

Best Tip
Tie something, anything, around your waist.  A large scarf will do, or a couple of yards of fabric.  An old curtain if necessary.  Just something that will focus your feeling around your waist and hips.  It'll make a huge difference to your dancing (even if it isn't covered in silver coins or charms).

But, of course, if you love your Belly dancing class (which we're sure you will), invest in some authentic Belly dance clothes if you possibly can.

Even just a waist scarf with the charms attached will make a huge difference.

The flowing gauzy skirts, veils and jewelry will really bring your dancing to life.

Bright colors seem the most popular – think vibrant purple or shimmering peacock green.

Often, we've found that teachers bring Belly dance clothes and accessory samples with them for the pupils to try, or can order hip scarves, veils and jewelry for their students.

This is so useful. Pupils feel that all they need to do is show up to the class and all the component parts will be brought to them.

Belly Dancing Shoes

So what should go on your feet?

A great deal of the technique of these dances is to push very firmly through your feet on the floor.

If you are doing this in bare feet, the balls of your feet may feel sore.

(As your dancing progresses, you might feel you have mastered enough technique to dance bare foot. While you're getting the hang of it though, something on your feet will help.)

Belly Dancing Slippers

But as mentioned, one of the great things about this dance is that you don't have to buy any special Belly dance clothes when you're just starting out.

A pair of socks on your feet will do fine to begin with.

However, the absolute ideal footwear for learning any type of Middle Eastern dance is Ballet slippers.

The great thing about Ballet slippers is that they come in a whole rainbow of colors.

So if you progress well with your dancing and decide to invest in an outfit, you can get a pair to match the color of your veil exactly.

As with all Ballet slippers, you must attach them well by sewing ribbons or elastic onto them.

Visit the Ballet Shoes section for advice on wearing them.

You'll feel ten times the effect and pleasure when dancing these classes if you've got at least some authentic Belly dance clothes or accessories on.

Just for that last little push of motivation, you will probably find that your teacher will wear the most delicate lace and chiffon ensemble with acres of belly, legs and arms showing.

And she’ll have all the accompanying jewelry and scarves. It's very inspiring to see someone in the full gear.

It does look and sound stunning.

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