Belly Dance Moves

Belly Dancer

The emphasis in Belly dance moves is on power and balance.

You'll be using your core (the central muscles around the diaphragm area) in everything you do. It is engaging these muscles that will keep your movements smooth.

Initially, you will be taught the basic stance.

This is your posture for all your Belly dance moves.

It is heavy through the hips, knees slightly flexed, feet pushed into the floor.

And from the hips upwards, pulled up, spine and neck elongated as much as possible, head held high, shoulders pulled down.

Once in this stance, if you have got it correctly, you should be able to feel energy pushing up through the floor into your feet and up into your body, and finally out of the top of your head.

You do really push up from AND down into the floor – an interesting concept.

A lot of other dances rely on simply using the floor to stand on.

In this dance you are actually drawing energy, drawing the dance up from it.

The dance is rooted and grows up through you.

The Moves

Belly dance moves are feminine, effective and easy.

Tiny hand and arm movements will be introduced in a circle pattern. Then, engaging the core, you will circle your diaphragm in a very subtle loop.

Keep the diaphragm lifted and the shoulders down. Lock the hips down – pubic bone heavy and pointing down.

Next, you'll probably try circling the hip bone whilst keeping your central line straight.

Try a double circle with one hip bone – like drawing a figure 8 on its side.

Push your feet hard down into the floor. As hard as you can, like you're trying to squish a nasty bug.

These tiny, undulating movements all come from the floor – although if you get the movements right, nobody's going to be looking at your feet...

All these moves are very small and that posture you mastered at the beginning should still be intact in everything you do.

Silks from Belly Dance Skirts

Your teacher might introduce a turn which again will be kept small and simple.

But some turns have a flick of the hip added at the end – this looks sensational and will give you a taste of the higher levels of the dance.

By now, the music will be more intense and your movements faster and more voluptuous.

You'll learn an Egyptian hip drop or a Turkish hip swivel.

The Turkish style is exaggerated with wild body movements and shoulders flung back.

The Egyptian one is much more subtle (and far sexier).

When you put all your new Belly dance moves together with the music and the sound of the hip jewelry really takes off, you will have entered another world.

This is fantastic dancing and a wonderful feeling.

And all in your first lesson.

We really do recommend you try one of these classes. Well taught, they are some of the most inspirational that a beginner can experience.

If you've read our whole guide, you should now be able to join your local Belly dance class full of confidence and ready to get the most from it.  Good luck!

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