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Belly Dancer

This is probably the oldest group of dances in the world.

The name 'Belly Dancing' is popularly used to cover a whole range of dances but in fact only refers specifically to Middle Eastern dance.

Raqs Sharqi is the beautiful Egyptian dance that we will focus on here due to its growing popularity among beginners.

Generally, when people say Belly dancing this is actually what they mean.

Such an ancient dance form has a rich history of moves and styles. There are similar dances unique to their area, such as Turkish or Greek versions, along with many fusion styles too.

Whichever you learn, you’ll love it.


Belly dancing is part dance, part attitude and part mood.

It is a peek into a tantalizingly beautiful and mysterious world. And the atmosphere you can create doing these dances is mesmerizing.

The music is incredible - you won't be able to stop yourself from dancing to it.

It absolutely entices your body to move.

You'll experience power, balance and breathing combined with the most sensuous small movements of the hips and arms.

It truly is beautiful to dance and beautiful to look at.

And it's very easy to learn.

It's very fluid. So the moves feel natural to dance, unlike some other dances, which are all about rigid technique.

It seems to inspire your body to move and the steps and routines have a flow and rhythm that seems almost innate.

There is a great deal of artistic license that you can take and your personal interpretation of a movement or step only adds to its appeal.

Silver Sequin Belly Dance Costume Detail

So it is a wonderful dance to learn as a beginner. And this dance is something that it is as fulfilling to practise as it is to learn new moves.

You'll feel greatly rewarded by dancing Raqs Sharqi, after only a very short time. The routines you'll learn will come together surprisingly quickly.

You will get out of this dance what you put in and progressing through the levels will be rewarding and satisfying.

This is a dance for all woman - regardless of size, age or shape.

Calling All Women

This is goddess dancing. Any woman can do it and feel amazing.

It may be a cliche but it is absolutely true. No matter what your age, dress size, height, weight or fitness level, you can do - and enjoy - a beginners Belly dancing class.

In fact, we recommend Egyptian dancing to the women who say to us 'But I'd never go to a public dance class, not with my body. I'd think everyone was looking at me and laughing'. You're in good company. Lots of women feel like this.

And Belly dance classes are the best for you. Why?

Suzanne says...
"Don't forget that you do a belly dance class in a long, feminine, flowing skirt, rather than the revealing tights and leotards of a lot of other dance classes.  This alone is a great boost to your confidence."

How do you feel about your stomach? This is one class where actually having one is a distinct advantage over a wash-board belly.

Also, Egyptian dancing classes are safe, welcoming places for women to be. A place to celebrate womanly curves and appeal.

And finally, they are a wonderful, gentle exercise for the whole body.

Really, you can't get better than that. And our hearty recommendation is that you find a Belly dancing class and have a go.

It'll make you feel fantastic.

Next, read all about going to a Belly dancing class for the first time...

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