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It's now The Dancer's Diary and can be found by clicking the 'Blogs' tab on the navigation bar.

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Dance Auditions and Open Casting Calls for Dancers

Find open casting calls and dance auditions details here

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Open Casting Call for DIRTY DANCING

Yes, you read that right. For the next few days only, there's an opportunity for union AND non-union dancers to audition for a role in the AEA tour of Dirty Dancing. See link for full details

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Open Casting Call for Dancers

Nationwide TV Show Act with Water Screen Projection: Seeks versatile dancers (male, female,18+) with solid ballet skills and contemporary training. Rehearsals in USA and Europe

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Bluff your way in Ballet

A bit of Ballet fun... Learn how to bluff your way in ballet with this excellent How to Translate a Ballet Review excerpt from Craig Dodd.

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*NEW* Breakdancing for beginners section

If you've ever fancied yourself as a b-boy or b-girl, check out our newest section. Emeroy Bernardo is one of the most gifted dance teachers we've seen for a long time. He impressed us so much, we've given him his own section. And now this breakdancing supremo can teach you, right in your own home with his unique How to Breakdance for beginners course.

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