Dance Class DVDs

Our unique Dance Class DVDs for complete beginners are the easiest way to learn how to dance. 

With these, you get to learn from the best dance teachers in the business.

If you've never learnt before, think you've got two left feet or absolutely dread the thought of going to a class in public, our DVDs are the perfect way to join in with a dance lesson, but in your own home and at your own pace.

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Ballet for Adult Beginners DVD - the classic dance class

Ballet for Adult Beginners DVD

Learn the basic Ballet positions and steps from ex-Royal Ballet teacher Deborah Sims. Packed full of useful tips and advice from Deborah, follow the simple moves and you'll be amazed at how easy your first Ballet steps are.

DVD contains a full class suitable for men & women of any age, in which you'll learn how to do the classics like the plié, arabesque and even a pirouette.
Instant online access and more details here

DVD $34.98  $27.98

Modern Dance Workout DVD - dance off those extra pounds

Modern Dance Workout DVD

A superb workout for the whole body, our Modern Dance Workout DVD introduces you to lots of different dance styles in just one lesson.

DVD contains our famous posture check, a full dance class including lots of different steps and routines, and is suitable for complete beginners of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
Instant online access and more details here

DVD $34.98  $27.98

Hip Hop for Beginners - a whole routine in just a few minutes

Lil'J is famous for being able to teach Hip Hop and Street Dance to complete beginners in just one lesson, and she does that right here, with amazing results. 

You'll learn a whole routine and then dance it to different tempos, so you'll be able to dance it to your favorite track.  Genius.
Find out more and see the class in action

DVD $17.98

Salsa for Beginners DVD - got two left feet? This is for you

Learn all the basic Salsa steps and counting patterns on just one class, and you'll be ready to hit the dance floor with confidence.

This extraordinary class contains all the moves and routines you'll need to get you started, including mens and womens timing and how to turn. Suitable for absolutely everybody, including those with two left feet.
Instant online access and more details here

DVD $34.98  $27.98

Ballroom Class for Beginners DVD ~
two classic classes, Waltz & Foxtrot

**DVD is sold out.  It's OK - you can order the instant access digital classes instead**

Learn to dance with your partner, by joining a class taught by a Dancing with The Stars pro dancer!

Our partner dance expert Brian Fortuna brings you two Ballroom Dance Classes to join in with on this one DVD - WALTZ and FOXTROT. 
Instant online access and more details here

DVD $49.98  $39.98

Latin Dance for Beginners DVD ~
two hot classes, Cha Cha & Swing/Jive

**DVD is sold out.  It's OK - you can order the instant access digital classes instead**

A lesson from a Dancing with The Stars pro dancer in the privacy of your own home? What could be better?

Let dance star Brian Fortuna teach you how to CHA CHA and to SWING dance in this super-effective class.
Instant online access and more details here

DVD $49.98  $39.98

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Delivery Details

Thinking of ordering one of our DVDs?  Here's what you need to know about our shipping policy...

We charge a flat rate of just $4.30 for shipping each DVD.  This is the same charge whether your address is in the USA or abroad.  And shipping is completely FREE on orders over $50.

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For addresses in the UK, if we have available stock (and we usually do), your DVD will be sent to you from our UK office via Royal Mail and will arrived much sooner than it being sent from the USA.  The postage charge is exactly the same at $4.30.  If we don't have UK based stock of the item you've ordered, it will be sent from our main operation in the USA directly to you as per international orders. If having a particular DVD delivered quickly is important, contact us before ordering to check our UK stock levels.

Europe, Canada, Australia & Rest of World

For all international addresses, your DVD will be sent using an economy air mail service from the USA.  We hope you appreciate that $4.30 is a very low charge for international shipping - hence using the economy air service.  This normally takes two to three weeks to reach you.  If you would like your DVD to be sent on a faster service, we can arrange this for you but it will cost considerably more.  Please e-mail us before ordering and we'll arrange everything for you.

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With great regret, we have had to halt shipping to South African addresses.  Any DVD orders made with a South African address will not be processed and will be refunded.  If you're based in South Africa, please use our download service to obtain your dance class.

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Sometimes, items sent via economy air mail get delayed.  Please let us know if your DVD hasn't arrived after three weeks.  We always like the chance to sort out any problems before you open a claim against us in PayPal.  We're very friendly and will always do our utmost to get your DVD to you.  

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