Dance classes in Kentucky

Your local dance classes in Kentucky are listed below.  The listing is a mix of individual teachers and studios and schools.

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, it's always worth giving your nearest teacher a call.  They may be considering holding classes that will suit you, or will know of a teacher or studio that does.

And we'd love it if you'd mention to any teacher or studio that you sign up with, that you found their details on  Thank you - and enjoy your dance classes in Kentucky.

Dance classes in Kentucky - listings for teachers, studios and schools


The Edge Dance Studio
225 Main Street, Suite K, Florence, KY
P: (859) 746-8009

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
8150 Mall Road, Florence, KY
P: (859) 371-1151
Ballroom, Latin


Capital City Dance Studio
117 Westover Road, Frankfort, KY
P: (502) 226-3399


Deanna Meeks
The Dance Factory
315 First Street, Henderson, KY 42420
P: 270-827-3993 
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom


Brooke Bailey Dance Addiction
4449 Canton Pike, Hopkinsville, KY
P: (270) 839-4807
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Studio 4 Dance
211 South 2nd Street, LaGrange, KY
P: (502) 222-5836
Ballet, Tap, Jazz


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
1855 Alexandria Drive, Lexington, KY
P: (859) 278-7711

Artistry in Motion by Traci Stone
4384 Clearwater Way, Lexington, KY
P: (859) 245-1694
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

The Salsa Center
743 Allendale Dr., Lexington, KY
P: (859) 278-8598


Arthur Murray Dance Centre 
3030 Hunsinger Ln., Louisville, KY 40220
P: 502 452 2222 
Ballroom, Latin

Mikelle Bruzina - Tolj
EDT, 2122 Baringer Ave #1, Louisville, KY 40205
P: 800 654-0177 

Anthony Lewis Dance
10841 Bluegrass Pkwy., Louisville, KY
P: (502) 208-4999
Ballroom, Latin, Country Dance

Mona Simone
Studio Silk
2117 Payne Street, Louisville KY 40206
P: 502.727.5491 
Belly Dance, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop

Bryan Son
3004 Lexham Rd., Louisville  KY
P: 502 645 1370 
Ballet, Jazz 

United DanceSport
1404 Evergreen Road, Louisville, KY
P: (502) 410-3111
Ballroom, Latin, Country


Bluegrass Dance Center
2187 Lexington Road, Richmond, Ky
P: (895) 625-9393
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz


Progressions Dance Studio
9900 OLd Union Rd., Union, KY
P: (859) 663-8456
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Breakdance

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