Time to say goodbye...

After dancing along with you for 21 years, we’re finally hanging up our pointe shoes.  It’s been a privilege to get to know you.

Our online classes have now finished, but our legacy DVDs are still available for a while, and at discount prices too, so grab them while you can.

As always, happy dancing x

Time to say goodbye...

After dancing along with you for 21 years, we’re finally hanging up our pointe shoes.  It’s been a privilege to get to know you.

Our online classes have now finished, but our legacy DVDs are still available for a while, and at discount prices too, so grab them while you can.

As always, happy dancing x

Dance classes in New York

Your local dance classes in New York are listed below.  The listing is a mix of individual teachers and studios and schools.

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, it's always worth giving your nearest teacher a call.  They may be considering holding classes that will suit you, or will know of a teacher or studio that does.

And we'd love it if you'd mention to any teacher or studio that you sign up with, that you found their details on Danceclass.com.  Thank you - and enjoy your dance classes in New York.

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Dance classes in New York City:
listings for teachers, studios and schools


Karen Adisson
900 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11238
P: 212.234.7225
Hip Hop

Aphrodite Antypa
305 5th Av. Apt. 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11215
P: (718) 832 5842
Modern Dance

Renata Archie-Guisse, BA, MA
1100 Dean Street #4, Brooklyn, NY 11216
P: 718-399-7867
Ballet, Modern, Jazz

Erica Bowen
Brooklyn, New York
P: 9173612474
Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin

Travis Breen, BFA
463 36 St. 1st Floor Brooklyn, NY 11232
P: 718-768-3346
Jazz Dance

Rae Dachille, B.A.
505 Court Street Apt. 10B, Brooklyn, NY 11231
P: 518-225-0227
Ballet, Modern

Dance Fever Studios
159 20th Street, Brooklyn, NY
P: (718) 637-3216
Ballroom, Latin

Dance Fever Studios
3009 Ave J, Brooklyn, NY
P: (718) 637-3216
Ballroom, Latin

Tara Glazier, BFA
122 2nd St. #3, Brooklyn, NY
P: 718 243 2463

Joanne Greco-Akerman
New York Dance & Fitness
1652 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11223
P: 718 234 3759

Gelsey Kirkland Ballet
29 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY
P: (212) 600-0047

Leda Meredith
646 President Street, Apt.1B, Brooklyn, NY 11215
P: 516 877 4253
Ballet, Modern

Megan Philipp
4115 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
P: (917)714-6161

Sabrina Rosengren
74 Skillman Ave. #1, Brooklyn, NY
P: 310 592 0354
Ballet, Tap

Rosie's Dance Studio
179 Sunnyside Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11207
P: 917-620-6968

Salsa Salsa Dance Studio
55 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
P: (718) 602-1322
Latin Dance


Zaynap Zub, BA
1675 Grand Concourse, # 2A, Bronx, NY 10452
P: 718-299-8728


Alvin Ailey American Dance
405 W 55th St., New York, NY
P: (212) 405-9000

Mary Anthony Dance Studio
736 Broadway, New York, NY
P: (212) 674-8191

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
16 West 57th Street 5th Floor, New York, NY
P: (212) 593-1633

Arthur Murray Manhattan 5th Avenue
286 5th Avenue, New York, NY
P: (212) 473-2623
Ballroom, Latin

Baila Tango in New York  
500 8th Ave 4th Fl., New York 10018
P: 917-575-1798
Ballroom, Latin

The Ballet Club
328 East 61st Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY
P: (917) 281-1030

Ballet Tech
890 Broadway #3, New York, NY
P: (212) 254-1803

The B.L.A.D.E Academy
101 W 23rd Street Ste#122, New York, NY
P: (877) 462-6316
Hip Hop

Arthur Bodie
395 Riverside Drive, New York, NY. 10025
P: 917-767-2301
Jazz Dance

Bollywood Funk NYC Dance School
W 26th St, New York, NY
P: (212) 502-7997

Tadej Brdnik
527 East 6th Street, #2E, New York, NY 10009
P: 212-158-1781
Modern Dance

Broadway Dance Center
322 W 45th Street, New York, NY
P: (212) 582-9304

Fernando Caceres
Salsanando Dance Studios
320 West 15th St., New York, NY. 10011
P: 917-554-3939

Sandra Cameron Dance Center
199 Lafayette Street, New York, NY
P: (212) 431-1825

Champions Dance Studio
257 W 39th St # 14E., New York, NY
P: (212) 307-7707

Merce Cunningham: Dance Co
55 Bethune St # 11, New York, NY
P: (212) 691-9751

Dance Manhattan
412 8th Ave, 4th Flr. New York 10001
P: 212-807-0802
Ballroom, Latin

Dance New Amsterdam
280 Broadway # 2, New York, NY
P: (212) 625-8369

Dance New York Inc
250 W 54th St., New York, NY
P: (212) 246-5797

Dance ON 2 Studio
519 8th Avenue, New York, NY
P: (646) 485-0711
Latin Dance

Dance Space Center Inc
451 Broadway, New York, NY
P: (212) 625-8313

22 W 34th St., New York NY 10001
P: 212-307-1111
Ballroom, Latin

Dance Studio 101
101 Lafayette St., New York, NY
P: (212) 431-7134
Ballroom, Latin

Dance Times Square
156 West 44th Street., New York, NY
P: (212) 994-9500

Dance With Me SoHo
466 Broome Street, New York, NY
P: (212) 840-3262
Ballroom, Latin

Christopher Davis
494 Ninth Ave. #5A, New York NY 10018
P: 917-856-7351
Jazz Dance

Mr Alberto del Saz
426 East 9th Street Apt 4C., New York, NY
P: 212 388 9528

Doonya Dance NYC
219 W 19th St., New York, NY
P: 347.690.7593
Indian Dance

Carrie Diamond
171 West 71st Street #1E, New York, NY 10023
P: 212-877-3306

Djoniba Dance & Drum Center
37 E 18th St #7, New York, NY
P: (212) 477-3464

Carlos dos Santos
635 Riverside Drive, 4A. New York, NY 10031
P: 917 2394865

First Dance Chelsea Studio
115 W 27th St, New York, NY
P: (917) 606-0289

Fotini-Titika Fotoglidou
545 Eighth Avenue Suite 401, New York NY 10018
P: 212-679-2815

Fred Astaire East Side Dance Studio
328 E 61st St # 5, New York, NY
P: (212) 209-2410

Jaan Freeman
118 Avenue D, 13i, New York NY 10009
P: 212 946-5348
Modern Dance

Robert G.
Bell American Ballet
734 E 4th St New York 11218
P: 718-437-9157
Ballet, Modern, Jazz

Dionisia Garcia
Fazil's Times Circle Studios
743 8th Avenue New York, NY 10036
P: 212-426-7363
Flamenco Dance

Daryl Gray
1735 York Avenue, #32G, New York, NY 10128
P: 212 410 2870

Daniel Gwirtzman
Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company
720 West 181 Street, New York, New York 10033-4710
P: 212.543.1367
Modern Dance

Belinda Hernandez
Lincoln Center, New York
P: 718 389 9610

Jonathan Hollander
Battery Dance Company
380 Broadway, 5th floor, New York City, N.Y. 10013
P: 212 219 3910

Nat Horne
451 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036
P: 212 582 5713
Jazz Dance

International Dance School / Peridance Center
890 Broadway 6th, New York, NY
P: (212) 505-0886

Kendra Jackson
610 W. 142nd St., Apt 4A, New York, NY 10031
P: 212-690-2997

Joel Salsa
519 8th Avenue, New York, NY
P: (718) 924-9425

Joffrey Ballet School
434 Avenue of the Americas # 3, New York, NY
P: (212) 254-8520

The Juilliard School
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY
P: (212) 799-5000

Jak Karako
Carnegie Hall, 154 W 57th St., 6th Fl., New York NY 10019
P: 212 314 5640
Ballroom, Latin

Beth Kurtz
West 72d Street Studios
131 West 72 Street, New York, NY 10023
P: 917-292-9384

Paula Le Vere
43-14 28th Ave., #14 LIC, New York 11103
P: 646 279-0220

Mariangela Lopez, BFA
400 E 87 St #4E, New York, NY, 10128
P: 212-987 48 17
Ballet, Modern

Lotus Fine Arts Multicultural Music & Dance Studios
109 W 27th St, New York, NY
P: (212) 627-1076

Jessie Louis
340 East 31st Street, NY, NY
P: 718 284 7993
Modern, Jazz

Luigi's Jazz Centre
48 West 68th Street, New York, NY 10023
P: 212-874-6215

Mambo D Dance Center  
519 8th Ave, 12th Floor, Studio G, New York 10018
P: 917-400-2210

Manhattan Ballroom Dance
29 W 36th St., New York, NY
P: (212) 868-6686

Manhattan Motion Dance Studio
215 West 76th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY
P: (212) 724-1673

Katerina Muller
Ballroom on 5th.
#19 Fifth Ave., 4th floor, NY, NY, 10016
P: 212 681 6184
Ballroom, Latin

Kayoko Nakajima, BA, CMA
244 W. 16th St. #2FE, New York, NY 10011
P: 212 243 0812
Modern Dance

Jewel Elizabeth Partridge
333 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011
P: 646-554-7438
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Paul Pellicoro's DanceSport
22 W 34th St. 4th Floor East Ent, New York, NY
P: (212) 307-1111
Ballroom, Latin

Francois Perron
Studio Maestro
48 West 68th Street, New York
P: (212)787-1178

Joy Prentice
Prentice Productions
P.O. Box 780 New York, NY 10025
P: 212-388-2779
Ballroom, Latin

Afton Seekins
The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory
122 West 26th Street, 12th Floor New York NY 10001
P: 800-697-4698
Hip Hop

SHOCKra Studio
114 East 28th St., #2A, New York, NY
P: (212) 696-9642
Ballet, Hip Hop, Latin, Belly Dance, Samba, Pole Dance

SoHo Dance Studio
598 Broadway, New York, NY
P: (212) 226-6767

Tracie Stanfield
P O Box 1526, New York
P: 212-591-1964
Modern, Jazz

Laura Stilwell
290 Riverside Drive, Apt. 10D, New York, NY 10025
P: 212-678-4449
Modern, Jazz

Strictly Tango  
500 8th Ave 12th Floor, New York 10018
P: 917-373-7446
Argentine Tango

Studio Q'dance
440 Lafayette, New York, NY
P: (212) 253-5314
Ballroom, Latin

Gabrielle Taylor, MFA
Manhattan Motion Dance Studios
215 West 76th Street, New York City 10023
P: 212-724-1673
Jazz Dance

Safi Thomas
BLADE Dance Entertainment
150 Lafayette Street, Suite 207, New York, NY 10013
P: 877.462.6316
Hip Hop

Natasa Trifan, MA
1 Arden St, Apt 212, New York, NY 10040
P: 646 515 2448
Ballet, Modern

Amy Uhl
714 Amsterdam Ave. #5, NY, NY 10025
P: 212-749-4842

Uptown Dance Academy
171 E 121st St., New York, NY
P: (212) 987-5030

Staci Vernal
615 W 172 Street Apt.5D, New York, NY 10032
P: 813-766-4823
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz

Vanessa Villalobos
3153 Broadway #17, NY NY 10027
P: 917-493-8933
African Dance, Peruvian Dance, Modern, Jazz, Ballroom

Marcia Warner
271 W. 132nd Street #2, New York, NY 10027
P: 917 507 5972
Ballet, Modern, Jazz

You Should Be Dancing Dance Studio
412 8th Ave # 4, New York, NY
P: (212) 244-0011

Maria Zannieri, BA
Westside Dance Project
357 West 36th St., NYC, N.Y. 1018
P: 212-563-6781
Ballet, Jazz, Tap


Chris Hale
34-19 30th Ave. Apt. 2, Astoria, New York, 11103
P: 917-836-0268
Modern Dance

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
36-35 Bell Blvd., Bayside, NY
P: (718) 225-2339

Destination Dance Studios
207-20 Northern Blvd., Bayside, NY
P: (718) 225-1980
Ballroom, Latin

Thea's Dance Studio
223-22 Union Turnpike, Bayside, NY
P: (718) 465-5755
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Alexandra Lengyel
9-34, 120 Street, College Point, NY 11356
P: 802 497 0093

Cara Nicole,
American Dance and Drama Studio
188-22 Union Turnpike, Flushing NY 11366
P: 718 479-8522
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Dance Reverie Studio 
10035 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills New York 11375
P: 347-770-6434
Ballroom, Latin, Folk Dance, Flamenco

Forest Hills Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Studio
106-06 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, New York 11375
P: 718-813-1700

Jessica Rizzo
7025 Yellowstone Blvd. #21k, Forest Hills, NY. 11375
P: 212-501-3886

Jorday Rivera's Dance Studio  
102-19 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, New York NY 11375
P: 718-275-4386
Ballroom, Latin, Folk Dance, Flamenco, Brazilian, Belly Dance

Lorenz Latin Dance Studio
65-52 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY
P: (718) 418-5484

Amina Heckstall
170-32 130th Ave. (#13A), Jamaica, NY 11434
P: (718)528-2397

Teresa Cassese Aubel, PAHS, SAB, BA, MS
Theatre Street School
87-61 111th Street, Richmond Hill, New York, 11418
P: 718-846-9182

Michael Butler
120-11 193 St., Saint Albans NY 11412
P: 718-978-4166
Modern, Hip Hop

Elsy Contreras
Elsy Contreras Dance Co.
37-02 62nd St., 2nd Fl., Woodside, NY 11377
P: 718 426 9192

Doug Shankman
30-04 Hobart Street, Woodside, NY 11377
P: 917.549.8280
Tap, Jazz


One Step Ahead Dance Studio
4011 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY
P: (718) 663-1522
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Dance classes in New York State:
listings for teachers, studios and schools


Stephanie Bonaventura
Let's Dance, Inc.
9 Albertson Ave, Albertson, New York 115071
P: 516-625-10101
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
4524 Bailey Avenue, Amherst, NY
P: (716) 834-9707

Celebrity Dance Emporium
6989 Transit Rd #3, East Amherst, NY
P: (716) 636-1060
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


The Dream Center Dance Academy
45 Burch Ave., Amityville, Babylon NY
P: (631) 842-8277
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Charles Wyche
The Hoofers Club
764 School Drive Baldwin, New York. 11510
P: 516 483 1327
Tap Dance


Angela Forzano Van Vlack
Yanarella School of Dance
8 Van Ness Road, Beacon, New York
P: 845-831-0759


DSD Dance Center
705 Bedford Ave. South, Bellmore, NY
P: (516) 783-6734
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Jamie Sweet
Dance Time
203 Sanders Rd., Buffalo, NY, 14216
P: 716-683-4923
Ballet, Tap, Jazz


Susan Hughes
Salt City Moving Co. Dance Studio
6262 Ridge Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035
P: 315-682-8440

Center Moriches

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
21 Frowen Road, Center Moriches, NY
P: (631) 909-8044

Theresa Elek-Schoemer
Dance Elektra
617-3 Montauk Highway, Center Moriches NY, 11934
P: 631-878-6168

Clifton Park

Sharon Marschman
124 Foxwood Dr., Clifton Park, NY 12065
P: 847-331-2365


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
6333 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY
P: (631) 462-0808


Addie-Tude Latin Rhythms
8 Lyncrest Road, Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567
P: 917-215-1720


Jane Petti, DMA
The Dance Centre
7 North Clinton St., Dansville, N.Y 14437
P: 716-335-6536
Ballet, Tap, Jazz

East Meadow

Long Island Danceworks
2083 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY
P: (516) 280-3911
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop

East Rochester

Ruckus Dance Alliance
445 W Commercial St., East Rochester, NY
P: (585) 545-1927
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Dance Force Studio
2073 Lake Rd., Elmira, NY
P: (607) 259-9517


Dance Fever Studios  
159 20th St., Greenwood, New York 11232
P: 718-637-3216
Ballroom, Latin


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
1619 Merrick Rd., Merrick, NY
P: (516) 223-9820
Ballroom, Latin


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
326 Walt Whitman Road, Huntington Station, NY
P: (631) 547-5678

Fred Astaire Dance Studio
132 W Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station, NY
P: (631) 532-6979
Ballroom, Latin

The Ballroom of Huntington
508 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY
P: (631) 385-7271
Ballroom, Latin

Posey School of Dance
57 Main Street, Northport, NY
P: (631) 757-2700
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
5 Fifth Avenue & W. Main St., Bay Shore, NY
P: (631) 665-1766

Svetlana Caton
Lumiére Ballet
35-C Corbin Ave., Bay Shore, New York 11706
P: 631-586-2921

Kimberly Van Dina
555 Pine Dr., Bay Shore, New York
P: (631)666-2417
Jazz Dance

DeNapoli's Dance Center
111 Wilshire Blvd., Brentwood, NY
P: (631) 522-1055
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop


Roger Christian
Tri Falcon and Dove D.A.
103 West Seneca, Suite 206A, Ithaca, New York
P: 607 -339-7533
Modern, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Latin

Steven Hyde
Ithaca, NY, Orange CT
P: 607-379-2444


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
7 Johnson Road, Suite 2, Latham, NY
P: (518) 786-1468

Fred Astaire Dance Studio
368 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham, NY 12110
P: 518-783-3130

Mount Kisco

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
175 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco, NY
P: (914) 864-0710
Ballroom, Latin

New Castle

Dance Emotions
75 S Greeley Ave., Chappaqua, NY
P: (914) 238-8974
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

New Rochelle

Dancing With Destiny Belly Dance Studio
364 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801
P: 914-879-9101
Belly Dance


Donna Greenberg
Donna Frech School Of Dance
7-9 Berry St., Norwich, N.Y. 13815
P: 607-334-4382


Nicoles Studio of Dance
1121 Glenwood Ave., Oneida, NY
P: (315) 762-3105
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Scott Stout
7 Chestnut Oval, Orangeburg, NY
P: 845-548-6539
Ballroom, Latin, Country Western


Naomi Starsiak
121 Cider St., Oriskany, NY
P: 315-736-2503
Ballet, Ballroom

Oyster Bay

Dance With Me
262 Glen Head Road, Glen Head, NY
P: (516) 656-9500
Ballroom, Latin


Kathy Hansen
14 George Street, Owego, New York 13827
P: 607-687-5684
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
427B West Main Street, Patchogue, NY
P: (631) 657-3330
Ballroom, Latin

Ballroom Factory Dance Studio
620 Waverly Ave. Suite H, Patchogue, New York 11772
P: 631-603-5917
Ballroom, Latin


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
433 So. Oyster Bay Rd., Plainview, NY
P: (516) 827-4740
Ballroom, Latin


Academy of Dance Arts
17 Marble Ave., Pleasantville, NY
P: (914) 741-5678
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Port Chester

Ballet des Am
16 King St., Port Chester, NY
P: (646) 753-0457
Ballet, Modern

Port Jefferson Station

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
4747-19 Nesconset Hwy, Port Jefferson Station, NY
P: (631) 331-5423
Ballroom, Latin


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
3300 Monroe Avenue Suite 214, Rochester, NY
P: (585) 267-7725
Ballroom, Latin

Andrea Fornarola, BFA
31 Country Wood Landing, Rochester, NY
P: 585-746-4993

Victoria Gregory
9 Mt. Pleasant Park, Rochester, NY
P: 585-271-7713
Ballet, Jazz

Miss Tiptoes Dance
1212 Main Street, Rochester, NY
P: 507 286 1415

Rockville Centre

Kim Alberti, BFA
Maple Avenue Dance
220 Maple Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY, 11570
P: 516-594-9745

Mark Barth, FISTD
47 North Village Ave, Rockville Centre, New York 11570
P: 516 764 0701
Ballroom, Latin

Colleen Tanner
Miss Colleen's Elite Dancentre
182 Maple Avenue, Rockville Centre, New York 11570
P: 516-536-1720

Saratoga Springs

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
75 Woodlawn Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY
P: (518) 691-0432

Lori LoTurco
145 Union Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
P: 518 581 9973
Jazz Dance


Let's Dance Studio
4 Weaver St., Scarsdale, NY
P: (914) 202-9243


Cherelle Kooiker, BA
Beautiful BellyDance by Cherelle
105 Front St., #B, Schenectady, NY 12305
P: 518-591-0111
Belly Dance


Shine Dance Studios
15 S Jersey Ave, Setauket, NY
P: (631) 675-1949
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Amy Burns-Cuozzo
ABC Center for Performing Arts
32 Main Street, Sidney, New York 13838
P: 607-563-8667
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz


The Corner Dance Studio LLC
86 West Main Street, Smithtown, NY
P: (631) 656-0876
Ballet, Tap, Jazz , Hip Hop, Ballroom

Kings Park Dance Center
85 Main Street, Kings Park, NY
P: (631) 269-0751


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
425 County Road 39A, Lower Level Suite 1, Southampton, NY
P: (631) 283-1488
Ballroom, Latin


Diamond Dance Studio
Main St., Stamford, NY
P: (607) 438-3918
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
300 W. Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY
P: (315) 471-7952
Ballroom, Latin

Dominique Dawkins
Dominique's Dance Creations
3014 Erie Blvd East Syracuse, NY 13224
P: 315-214-1996
Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Robert Featherly
C.N.Y. Academy of Dance Arts
307 East Manlius Street, East Syracuse N.Y. 13057
P: 315-437-9938
Ballet, Hip Hop

Biboti Ouikahilo
Wacheva Cultural Arts
Syracuse, NY
P: 315-247-6861
African Dance


Liana's Dance
609 Plant St., Utica, New York 13502
P: 315-404-3057


Chantal Alleyne
PO Box 6327, Watertown N Y
P: 315-286-8763
African Dance, Praise Dance

Carrie Edick
155 Arsenal Street, Watertown, NY 13601
P: 315-785-5592

West Seneca

Moving Miracles
2305 Union Road, West Seneca, NY
P: (716) 656-1321

White Plains

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
170 E. Post Road, White Plains, NY
P: (914) 948-5929
Ballroom, Latin

Williston Park

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
433 Willis Avenue, Williston Park, NY
P: (516) 248-6430
Ballroom, Latin


Amy Johnston
89 Bridge St., Carthage, NY. 13627
P: 315-493-1096


Arthur Murray Dance Studio
2616 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY
P: (914) 337-8008
Ballroom, Latin

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