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Looking for dance classes in your local area?  Thinking "What dance classes are near me?"  Or trying to locate a specific dance teacher?  
Welcome to the Directory.

We're adding to this directory all the time.  We're publishing everything we find, whether it's a studio, teacher or dance academy, and whether we've found lots of detail or virtually none.

This directory is here to help you - dance teachers and would-be pupils alike.  We'd love you to help us to keep our lists as accurate as possible.  Teachers retire or move onto other things, dance studios close. And new dance teachers qualify, new dance studios open.  Dance classes are being added to the programs of gyms, community facilities and schools and colleges all the time.  
So if you're a teacher and you’d like to appear on this list, click here for our dance directory submission page.  Pupils, if your favorite dance teacher or class isn't on here, make sure you tell your teacher to sign up to the directory.  It's completely free.

Help, I can't find the right class...

OK, don't panic.  You might not be able to find exactly the class you're looking for.  

But if you find a teacher who is geographically close to you, why not give them a call anyway?  They may hold or be thinking of holding classes in the style you're interested in, and if not, are the best source of information about other local teachers or studios who may be able to help.

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