Dance journal

If you're thinking of learning how to dance, all you'll need is a little courage, your dance kit, and this book.

For the first time, our advice, guidance and prompts about adults going to dance classes is available as this guided journal, suitable for dancers from 18 to over 80 – in fact anyone tackling a new dance class.  

With pages of thoughtful prompts to guide you from your first notion of taking dance lessons, through signing up, preparing your kit, meeting your new teacher and the other pupils and dancing through that all-important first lesson and beyond, this journal will be your go-to friend as you venture into the dance world. For every aspect of your dance adventure there are plenty of journal-style pages to record everything that’s important to you.

And at the back, there are over 20 pages of advice and top tips on everything from ballet to ballroom that’ll help you squeeze every drop of value and experience from your new classes.

It really is the best dance class companion.

Guided journal details:

  • SIZE: 7.44 x 9.69 inches
  • PAGES: 164 Pages (82 Sheets)
  • PAPER: White Paper. Wide ruled journal format pages
  • COVER: Soft Paperback Cover (Matte)


We have also produced a series of dance-themed notebooks, in composition book size and format, so they are suitable for dance-mad kids of all ages.

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Or here's a selection of covers that we feature.

Each of the books is standard composition size, suitable for school.

  • SIZE: 7.44 x 9.69 inches
  • PAGES: 150 Pages (75 Sheets)
  • PAPER: White wide ruled with left hand margin
  • COVER: Glossy paperback

This is just a selection.  See the whole range at

Plus the range is availabe on most Amazon European sites as well as Amazon Japan, so just search the site and you should see an option to purchase from your own country.

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