Dance Quiz - So you think you can't dance?

It's time to bench the excuses and find out once and for all whether you are a good candidate for learning to dance.  Our dance quiz will tell you what you need to know...

ProProfs Quiz- Will I ever learn to dance?

So how did you get on?

We suspect that you've just been told, no matter what your answers, that there are no blocks or barriers to you learning dance other than perhaps your own perception.

Dance can be learnt at any age, by anyone. 

It's a myth that you have to learn to dance as a child.

It's a myth that dance classes are full of people who can already dance.

That can't possible be true – just think about it for a minute.  If dance classes are only for people who can dance, where do the people who can't dance go to learn?

Beginners dance classes are the place you go to feel inspired, supported and encouraged.  A good teacher will do all that for you.  They will also structure the class so that every step is easy to follow and simple to do.  They'll make sure that you make progress, no matter how many left feet you have.

So once again, are you ever the wrong age, weight, shape, or fitness level to learn to dance? 


Now all you have to do is decide which dance you'd like to learn first.  Click on a class above or try our online classes right now.