Dancer's Diary October '16

So, what's been happening in the world of dance? 
This month, I look at:-

  • The dance video of October is one for you to join in with
  • The dance image of the month is one of my all-time favorites
  • Top Tip for pupils - the single most important question you can ask a dance teacher
  • Top Tip for teachers - the one thing you can do that'll make your pupils adore you
  • And finally, snuggle up with my pick of dance themed movies for Fall

Video of the month

October 4th was World Ballet Day, and to celebrate, ballet companies around the world were live-streaming behind the scenes footage of the day-to-day life of their dancers.

If you missed them, you'll find hours of the stuff up on YouTube – just search for World Ballet Day 2106 and you’ll be spoilt for choice – San Francisco Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, The Australian Ballet, Houston Ballet, Miami City Ballet, and Scottish Ballet to name a few.

The clip I’ve picked below is from The Royal Ballet, demonstrating a short barre exercise.  Fancy joining in?

Boy, that turnout is something to aim for, isn't it?

Favorite dance pic this month

Claire Calvert from The Royal Ballet

Just look at that makeup...

Dancers by Andrej Uspenski

I think this look is absolutely divine - sheer perfection.  It's so theatrical, and yet somehow it's not too over-the-top.

The image was taken by another Royal Ballet dancer - Andrej Uspenski - who captured lots of the dancers back stage and in rehearsal in his book 'Dancers - behind the scenes with The Royal Ballet'.

The images are gorgeous and timeless.

If you can afford to treat yourself, get the hardcover edition; this is something that deserves to be viewed the way it was intended and not just on a digital device.

How not to mess up your first dance class

In this regular feature, I'll be choosing one topic for pupils and one for teachers on how to get the most from your first adult dance classes...

And this month, both tips are all around the subject of communication.

Top tip for pupils

The single most important question to ask your teacher is what, exactly?  

I think it’s fair to say that if you're thinking of signing up for adult beginner dance classes, you will get the most from the experience if you’re honest about what you know and what you don’t.  Let me explain...

I’ve come across a few ex-pupils (and a few teachers, too) who have had a less-than-great experience of dance classes for adults.  And a lot of the time, the fall-out seems to be around expectations.  The pupils expect they know what to do, what to wear, how things are going to be.  And the teacher expects the pupil to simply ‘know’ things without ever having taught them.  Here’s a real scenario from an adult beginner ballet class that I was told about:

PUPIL:  What shoes do I need for your class?
TEACHER:  Ballet slippers are ideal.  You can do the first class in socks if you want, but most of the pupils have ballet slippers.
That was the end of the conversation.

The pupil thinks she knows what ballet slippers are.  The teacher thinks the pupil knows what she means by 'ballet slippers'.  But here's where it all goes wrong...

The pupil goes out and buys a pair of pink satin ballet slippers and yards of ribbon.  She proceeds to sew the ribbons on wrong and do them up wrong.  However, in the pupil’s mind, she’s showing willing, and has turned up to her first lesson in what she believes you wear to ballet class.  Bless her – 'A' for effort.

But the teacher thinks - 'F' for execution.  She hates pink slippers that look so shoddy so quickly and worse, satin, which has all the staying power of ice cream in the oven.  What she meant by ballet slippers was a black leather pair with elastic across the foot.

Just a little more communication would have solved this problem, right?  And yes, if the teacher is adamant that there’s one type of slipper that's ideal – in this case, black leather – she should have told the pupil that.  But, we’re all human, and teachers get a lot of calls at the beginning of term from people asking all sorts of questions, so it’s easy to sometimes forget to be specific.  So, pupils, whenever you’re asking for information when signing up to classes, the most useful question to remember to ask is… “What do you mean by that?”.  

Whether you’ve asked for information on shoes, clothes, fees, class content, whatever.  Don’t make any assumptions about what the teacher is telling you and always ask for specifics.  It can save an awful lot of heartache.  And starting your dance classes full of confidence, knowing that you’re in the right gear and your expectations are accurate, makes the process so much more enjoyable.

Top tip for teachers

Our Top Tips for dance teachers have all moved to our blog that’s dedicated just to dance teachers, called, cunningly, Just for Dance Teachers.  Amazing.
If you’re a dance teacher looking for a few tips, it’s a great place – head over right now

And finally...

Fall dance movies

OK, so this is what I like to do.  My favorite time of the year has always been Fall (or Autumn as I would say – I’m Irish). The scent of spices in the kitchen, and woodsmoke from burning leaves, cold, crisp days, the first hint of frost – it’s all magical.  Plus the fact that my favorite things to wear are definitely big sweaters, boots, (legwarmers!) scarves and hats – that’s so much more my style than summer dresses.  So apologies to those of you in warmer climes – this bit is for those of you who love the nights drawing in and the turning of the leaves.

I set aside an afternoon (one that’s a little grey and gloomy), light cinnamon spiced candles, make a huge pot of tea and ooh, maybe a slice of sticky gingerbread, then settle into my armchair under a fluffy blanket the size of a small country, and cue up my favorite autumn movies.  Among them, there will always be at least one old favorite from the dance world…


Naturally, if we think of something dark connected to the dance world, Black Swan is going to be near the top of the list.  

I must confess though, that I find this movie not just chilling, but downright horrific.  I don't have the stomach for horror movies at any speed.  I even hate it when they show horror movie trailers on tv - that's more than enough to give me nightmares.  And some of the scenes in Black Swan are just churningly gross.  Fingernails, anyone?  Bleuch.  

But if modern ballet with a big dose of gothic-style gore is your thing, then this movie has it all.


No horror in Chicago, but murder-aplenty - the body count is huge.  

If you fancy a night at the theatre and don't want to leave the comfort of your warm armchair, this is for you.

It's a smokey, atmospheric, rip-roaring tale of jealousy and jazz.  

The dance is lithe, high-kickin' and jaw-droppingly sexy.  And Catherine Zeta-Jones has never been better.  

It's a great old yarn and beautifully produced.


The Red Shoes is the absolute classic of the bunch, and there's hardly a dance fan who hasn't seen it - it's a bit of a rites-of-passage movie for dance students.  

Besides the mesmerizing love triangle and the ‘story-within-a-story’, technically, is it still astonishing.

And the expression and sheer athleticism of the ballet scenes will take your breath away – seriously, they’re exhausting to look at. It’s a happy medium between the physicality of dance and the story telling.

This film never fails to capture me completely – it’s transporting.


I've saved the sweetest for last.  

If all the horror, guns and tragedy are just a bit too much, then you can't find anything warmer and lovelier than Ballet Shoes. The nostalgic 1920’s London setting is magical and the tales of Pauline, Petrova and Posy will fill your heart to bursting.

I remember my mum reading me the story when I was a little girl and going to ballet classes for the first time.  I loved it then and I still love it now.  

Although it contains by far the least dancing of the films I’ve chosen here, it’s still a scrumptious tale of theatres and ambition and growing up. Featuring the wonderful Emma Watson, this beautiful adaptation is a charm from start to finish.

Enjoy your snuggle.  And happy autumn everyone.

Coming up...

My next diary entry will be the November one - just in time for Christmas.

So it'll be time to turn my attention to the best gifts for the dance lover in your life (or perhaps, what you'd like from Santa...).

I'll look at dance-themed Christmas decorations and food, and will give you a little insider information on the key dance performances so you can bluff your way through Nutcracker like a pro.  

There will be more top tips for pupils and teachers in my 'How not to mess up your first dance class' series.

And I'll keep my ear out for the dance world gossip and news as usual.

Until then, happy dancing

Just so you know...

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