Dancewear for Adults

We've got a few suggestions of dancewear for adults that'll make you feel fabulous, should you decide to learn to dance at your local class or studio.

However, do please check out with your teacher exactly what kit they expect you to turn up with.  Different teachers have different rules and expectations of what their pupils should be wearing. 

Most important to establish is precisely what, if anything, you should be wearing on your feet.  So make sure you're clear on what the class rules are.

And have a peek at our dancewear guide for adult beginner dancers here.

Here are a few suggestion of popular dancewear for adults items, that'll look wonderful and will be comfortable to dance in...

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We always turn to this brand for leotards, because at Capezio they are actually made for adults and aren’t just sized-up kid’s stuff.  So you get really thoughtful things like integrated support, wide straps, adjustable straps, translucent straps, short sleeves, long sleeves and a cut that won’t bunch and shift around.  They’ve really thought hard about women’s bodies, how we move, and our comfort.  They clearly believe that women’s dance is every bit as important as children’s.  And for that, Capezio, we salute you.

We've shown the classic black versions here, but most Capezio leotards come in a rainbow of colors.
Just click each image to see the options.


If you're looking for a basic classic leotard, this is one for you.


As the name suggests, this has actual proper built in support to keep everything in place and pointing in the right direction.

Long sleeve

If your arms aren't your best feature, this leotard will be your new best friend.

Wide strap

One of our all-time favorites, a classic silhouette with the bonus of comfortable, wide straps.


Another winner in the comfort stakes, the tank neckline gives a lot of cover just where you need it.

Turtle neck

A leotard that manages to keep everything covered up.  Perfect for chilly studios.


The ultimate cover-up that's still really flexible and moves beautifully.

Transition tights

Can be used as full tights or folded up the leg slightly for more of a legging look.

Ultrasoft tights

Capezio have absolutely nailed the comfortable waistband with these classics.


If the idea of wearing a leotard and tights brings you out in a cold sweat, fear not. 

The leg-wear of choice for dance is of course the modern classic, leggings. 

Whether they are intended for jogging, yoga, Zumba or spin, it doesn’t matter at all.  Good leggings will have all the features you need to make your dancing comfortable.

Look for really strong seams in the crotch area (if your leggings are going to show signs of wear, it’ll be by splitting at the crotch, which is such a charming look… ahem).

And then just make sure that the waistband is going to stay in place.  Cheaper leggings start to move and roll around the waist.
Also, crappy leggings will quickly go baggy in the butt and knees, which looks rubbish. 

Investing in a really well made pair, like our top choice from CompressionZ, is definitely worth it.

Sports bras for dance

Let’s talk about keeping your girls in place.
You’re not doing your dancing, your posture or your boobs any favors by letting them loose in every direction.  So keep everything under control. 

And make your scaffolding of choice cool, like these sports bras from Victoria’s Secret…


Low rise shorts

The 'boy-short' is absolutely great under leggings.

Full brief

Your go-to briefs for under tights and leotards.

Dance wraps

A dance wrapover is one of the most useful items to add to your dance wardrobe.

First of all, there's the hanging around at the studio waiting for the class before yours to finish.

Then, there are the first few minutes of your own class when you're warming up, but definitely aren't warm yet.

Finally, there's the end of the class when you're on fire, but need to cover up quickly so you don't cool down too quickly and catch a chill.

One great wrap top will be your best friend for all these moments. 

Choose one that's nicely fitted without being too tight, allows for lots of movement and has long sleeves.

These ones by Alo Yoga are our current favorites and the colors are just gorgeous.

Dance coverups

Having a casual coverup you can just fling on top of your dancewear is always a useful thing.  So for when a sweater just doesn’t feel right or is too bulky, and a jacket is too fitting, reach for a lovely soft top to dash to class in.
Here are two styles that show just how versatile a dance coverup can be.  Here at we use both styles – long and short.  They both come in really handy depending on our mood, and the style that we’re dancing at the time…

First up, from Muisey, this really flattering coverup looks magic over leggings and has an adorable little kangaroo pocket in the front.

For contrast, try this super-cute cut off sweat top from icyzone, with their logo on the reverse.

Dance shoes for adults

We've carefully choosen shoes that A) we think offer good value, fit and performance and B) shoes that have a high customer satisfaction rating.

Ballet slippers

First up, the classic ballet slipper.  Most are split sole, that is, they have two parts to the sole - one under the ball of your foot and a little one under your heel.  The reason for this is that if you don't have a stiff piece of sole under the arch of your foot, your point looks, well, more pointy.  They have a lovely snug feeling too.
Most ballet slippers now come with elastic sewn in.  Some only have it sewn in at the correct position at the heel, and leave it to you to sew in the last bits according to where you want the elastic to fall across your foot.  And some still don't come with elastic and you need to sew them in from scratch (and maybe buy the elastic yourself too).  So do check.

Turn shoes

For when your dancing has progressed just a little bit and you want to spin and turn (as you do a lot in modern dance classes) but want the grip of your heel on the floor the rest of the time.


For something different, try ToeSox.  From styles that mimic the grip of ballet slippers, to turn shoes with leather pads for smoothness, they are well worth a try if traditional ballet slippers aren't your thing.

Soft dance shoes

Dansneakers and soft shoes are great for jazz lessons and super-comfortable to wear.

Tap shoes

Just the basics here.  And as they are for beginners, we've got low-heel versions so you only need think about your dancing and not about whether you're about to land flat on your face as you catch your sky-high heel.  While you're still learning the basics, it's just about the noise and not about the look of the shoe so much.

Character shoes

Again, just the basics are all you need while you are learning the first steps.  Keep the heel nice and low and solid so you feel secure and balanced.

Ballroom and partner dance shoes

A low-heel version and two classics are enough choice when you're just beginning.  If you want to jazz things up a little, go for sparkle and glitter versions rather than attempt a really high heel.


Hairbands.  Look, we know you’re not six years old. 

We also know that slightly messy hair can be cute and flattering. 

But boy, having your hair slap you in the eye every few seconds or just land there and get plastered onto your sweaty face is a pain (and doesn’t look good).  So, headband it is. 

Just make it a good one, like these patent pending ones from Blom.  They stay in place, are made from natural fibers, can be styled in multiple ways and come in a rainbow of funky colors, including two-tone versions. 

They are also super-useful for when you’re removing your makeup…

We only ever recommend things that we genuinely like, and think will be useful and interesting to you.  If you click on a link and then go on to purchase, we earn a tiny percentage of the value of that sale.
Here's the legal language: " is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and"

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