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This easy dance routine is the first of two from Alexx's Modern dance workout class.

Here, she gives her pupils a really effective, structured dance to learn step by step.

The movements she uses are simple enough for even a complete beginner to tackle, and you can do each one over until you've got it right.

The steps build to a cute little routine that you can add your own personal interpretation and adaptations to if you wish - this is Modern dance after all, so there's no 'wrong' way to do it (more on this at the bottom of the page).

If you've been following our Modern Dance Workout class, you will have already seen clips on posture, warm up, arm toning and leg toning. 

So this simple dance routine video clip is where you put everything you've learnt to good use and start some proper dancing.

Tips for using this easy dance routine video

You'll see Alexx give instruction right at the very start on how to stand and balance your weight for the dance. 

Try to keep that slight forward lean throughout the routine - it complements the look of the dance, the beginning of which is almost like a tea dance with Waltz inspired steps and timing.

By the end of the routine you'll see an almost Irish dance movement and you'll have got there by way of a contemporary jump and turn - this is Modern dance after all. 

Where else could you get so many dance styles in so little time?

The final move is a turn that clips up the foot to the opposing hip, reminiscent of Irish dancing. 
This move is tricky to do if you're not balanced properly - so remember the posture check and your warm up - all of this initial ground work on your positioning lays the foundation for moves like turns.

Don't worry if you're not as flexible as Alexx - she's had years of practice! 

You'll see that some of the rest of the class aren't able to get their feet anywhere near as high up the leg for the 'clipping' action - and that doesn't matter a bit.  Just raise your foot as high as you are comfortable with.

You'll notice that the routine ends in exactly the place you started - ready for you to repeat it as many times as you can. 

Ready to have a go?

Learn to dance step by step

We mentioned above that there's no 'wrong' way to do Modern dance.  And it's absolutely true.

Sometimes, you might go to a Modern dance class and find that the teacher only gives you an 'idea' or theme to interpret and then leaves you to freestyle some movements yourself. 

'Doing your own thing' is always acceptable in Modern dance classes (in a way that wouldn't work at all in a Ballet class, for example). 

But some find this kind of class a little intimidating, and don't consider themselves as creative as you need to be to make up your own dance routines from scratch.

So as you will have seen, Alexx guides her class carefully, going over each individual step several times, and slowly adds a little more each time until you've got the whole dance routine. 

If you want to add your own touches or moves along the way, then go for it.  But if you like your dance instruction a little more precise, you'll feel very comfortable in Alexx's class. 

Read more about Modern dance moves in the next part of our guide...

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