I absolutely love the Foxtrot and a lot of that has to do with the fact it's the dance you do to the best music in the world... Frank Sinatra, big band stuff - it's just great!

And because of the huge range of music it can be danced to, it's perhaps the most common style of Ballroom dance.

It's the music and dancing that you most commonly see and hear at social occasions so it's perhaps the most useful social dance to know!

You might recognize the Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick counting pattern of the timing. It's incredibly easy to follow along with and seems to be a very natural rhythm for most people to master.

And it's not a fast rhythm either. You can learn a whole routine of basic steps, as I teach in my program, and still feel that you can take your time executing them the very best way you can.

However, it's a traveling step. This means that it moves across the floor, so before trying it out at home, do make sure you've got as much room as possible. Of course, you can always keep your steps small and compact. However, it does move and so will you!

So a little space to either side of you is a good idea.

To give you an idea of this movement, this is a clip from my Ballroom for Beginners DVD which shows the class after they have individually (guys and girls) learnt the basic step and are now going to dance it together for the first time...

Foxtrot basics

As you can see, it's a very smooth step style which once mastered can make you look and feel as though you are gliding across the dance floor.

And you don't need to know a huge range of Foxtrot steps to achieve this. The basic step, with a rock step and a turn added (that's just three different steps) can easily be built into a fantastic looking routine suitable for all occasions - this is exactly what I teach on my Ballroom program.

All things considered, it's the perfect dance for weddings, parties and functions. What more could you ask for? 

Next, we change gears a little, with my introduction to the world of Latin dancing...

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