Hip Hop Pupils

Hip Hop pupils are a huge mix of abilities and fitness levels. However, most classes that we've experienced seem to mainly be made up of teens and twenty-somethings.

That doesn't mean that people of all ages can't get something out of dancing Hip Hop – they can.

We just wanted to let you know that occasionally, you'll find a class that has no Hip Hop pupils in it over the age of 23 (including the teacher…).

But that's fine! It's such good fun, and there's laughter in almost every Hip Hop lesson we've seen.

And don't worry too much if you are carrying a few pounds more than you'd like. Hip Hop is a great class for the fuller figure. Now that can't be said for all dance styles, but it sure is true for Hip Hop pupils.

It's also a fantastic class for the guys to try.

Men do seem to stay further away from dance classes than women. But Hip Hop is a good one to try for a first dance class as there are usually other guys there.

And there seem to be as many (if not more) male Hip Hop teachers than female, which again is different to most other dances.

You could also find that some teachers accentuate moves that are only for women and only for men. This is good, it puts the dance into its performance mode and makes it feel more real.

Of course the only disadvantage of this is that, if there are only one or two guys in the class, then their specialist moves are going to be a little lost in the sea of girl moves. Never mind though, it's a great idea.

Amongst average beginner Hip Hop pupils, you will see quite a spread of abilities.

You'll see from our own online class that some of the pupils pick up the moves quicker than others. That's completely normal. Don't be afraid of being the beginner who doesn't know how to dance - that's what beginners classes are for!

And as it is one of the most popular dances to practise in your own time, Hip Hop pupils tend to try out their steps at home more than perhaps a learner ballet dancer.

This means that some of the pupils (you included) can become proficient quickly, which is great.

But it can lead to a fairly wide spread of dancing skill in the class. If you find yourself in a beginners lesson with some quite capable dancers, do make sure that your level is being taught to and included in the class. You shouldn't feel left behind.

This disparity in abilities can also lead to perhaps a little show of disrespect for complete newbies. Rise above it! There is a lot of attitude that goes on in Hip Hop – it's part of what it's all about.

Concentrate on what you are doing and you'll learn fast.

Next, some tips about the best Hip Hop moves...

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