How to apply deodorant: Dance Hacks

You've been putting deodorant on wrong your whole life...

Getting up close and personal in a dance lesson demands pretty good personal hygiene. 

Fresh sweat that's been danced for can be awesomely sexy.  Stale sweat… you don't need us to tell you.

Being in class next to someone who clearly hasn't washed or applied deodorant is grim.  But what's worse is that stink coming off you.

Simply re-applying or spraying the stuff on over and over isn't the answer.  And don't try to mask bad smells with artificially scented perfumes and sprays - then you just get chemical fragrance AND body odor - awful.

So, your first step is to turn up to class clean.  But what if your current deodorant isn't lasting the distance?  If your underarm products are letting you down, or you've tried them all and can't find one that works for you, then perhaps using the ones you've got, but in a different way, is the answer.

Because this one simple tip about how to apply deodorant will enable you to get more mileage out of your current one - no matter which it is.

The thing is… deodorant is designed to be put on when your underarms are still damp from washing.

Deodorant (or antiperspirant, or a combination of the two) works best when it's applied to damp or wet skin.

It should be put on the moment you get out of the shower, before you start to towel dry.

Strange but true.  Try it.

We've found the best product to use is a speed stick or any solid form (rather than aerosol spray). 

Or our favorite, which is a solid cream, comes in a little jar from SoapWalla.

SOAPWALLA - Can't live without it

With freshly showered, wet skin, apply the stick to the underarm.
Yes, it's going to feel a bit weird, like you're just getting water on the stick.  But have faith.
Apply over the whole underarm area and let the product dry as your skin dries.
Like we said, it'll feel weird the first few times, but you'll soon get used to it.

After a few minutes, you might notice that you get a bit of a bobbling effect.  This is fairly common. 

OK, so it's a little bit ewww at first, but totally worth it to get the extra mileage from the product. 

So just gently rub or press the little blobs into your damp skin.

That's all there is to it. 

You now have beautifully dry, perfect pits.

And you should notice that your deodorant just lasts longer and is more effective when applied this way.

OK, it's a bit weird to be learning how to apply deodorant after you've been using it all this time.  But this little tip does just seem to make ordinary products last much longer.

So this bit of extra organization when you're in the bathroom should pay dividends when you're in the dance studio.

It does take a bit of getting used to, especially dealing with the bobbling (although not all brands do this), but it's pretty effective and well worth trying.

We've got another dancer's hack for you.  This time, the best way to get rid of a toe nail infection...

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