Time to say goodbye...

After dancing along with you for 21 years, we’re finally hanging up our pointe shoes.  It’s been a privilege to get to know you.

Our online classes have now finished, but our legacy DVDs are still available for a while, and at discount prices too, so grab them while you can.

As always, happy dancing x

Time to say goodbye...

After dancing along with you for 21 years, we’re finally hanging up our pointe shoes.  It’s been a privilege to get to know you.

Our online classes have now finished, but our legacy DVDs are still available for a while, and at discount prices too, so grab them while you can.

As always, happy dancing x

How to Breakdance

Hey everyone, Emeroy here.

Today you can learn how to breakdance at home without ever stepping foot into a dance studio and with ZERO experience.

I can even teach you my formula for learning how to breakdance in an hour or less.

But first, a few questions:

  • Are you worried about dancing because of your lack of rhythm?
  • Do you want to be able to show you can be the life of the dance floor?
  • Are you tired of watching videos or taking dance classes with the instructor showing you what to do instead of explaining it?
  • Are you ready to start learning how to breakdance even if it's for just a few minutes a day?

I know what it's like to just be a spectator while others get the attention.

I know it's tough especially if you have no idea where to start.

Or if you do have an idea where to start, you're not sure if you'll have enough time.

If you've taken classes and watched videos but still feel like you're not getting anywhere, I don't blame you.

Most teachers nowadays just show you how to do a dance move, but don't tell you anything about how to apply it in an actual situation where there's an audience.

Learning moves, practicing, watching videos is great, but it doesn't get you on the dance floor.

But before I go into how I'm going to teach you to a kick-butt dancer, I'm pretty sure you're wondering, "who the heck is this guy?"

My dance story

I started dancing at the age of four but stopped once I hit sixth grade when for boys laughed at me and called me a "fag." I quit dancing for the next four years. I remember throughout most of middle school and high school I was scared to go to school dances because I was afraid of people laughing at me when I danced. Even more so I was scared of how girls would look at me. I rediscovered my passion for dance early in high school when all my friends joined the high school dance team except me. What I discovered was that people didn't laugh when I danced, they enjoyed it when I did.

Since then, I've danced with international organizations like Culture Shock and Hit The Floor Productions, performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade and with international artist Jonalyn Viray, competed internationally at Hip Hop International and I'm a two time, back-to-back City of Alhambra B-boy Champion.

Not only that, since 2009 I've been training hundreds of students from all ages to learn how to breakdance.

Not too long ago, a former student asked me to help train her for an upcoming audition. Sounded simple, right? Here's the catch, I had a week to train her and only 2 nights of one-on-one sessions. So I knew I had to do something different.

And that's where I decided to expand my teaching beyond the class room.  I created these Udemy courses so you can learn how to breakdance at home, quickly and easy.  It's so simple, you won't believe how much progress you make.

"Emeroy is a very motivated and driven instructor and director who always ensures that his students gain a full knowledge and understanding of any dance style he teaches, including terminology and the history. He also teaches his students valuable life lessons as he makes them better dancers, teammates, and individuals."

-Stephanie Hagberg, Breed Dance Crew, Culture Shock Dance Troupe

My 'How to Breakdance' teaching method

Each lesson gives you a brief demonstration of the move along with detailed, step-by-step instruction in how to perform them. Not only that, each move is shown in different angles so you can fully understand what you're doing at all times.

Your goal is to learn the moves that you like and easily create a combination that you can show off to your friends, family, or audience.

Based on my dance and teaching experience, I show you guys the bits and pieces of what makes this dance unique and how exactly I make this dance my own.

Like I said, no experience needed.


  • Being the center of attention when people see you on the dance floor.
  • Confidence on the dance floor beyond you've ever imagined
  • Being able to look like you've been working at it for months, when you've only been working at it for weeks
  • How badass you would feel when people see you

How to Breakdance for beginners will show you...

1. The Basics

This is where you learn the most important part of being a b-boy/b-girl/breakdancer.  Warm ups so you don't get injured, the basic groove so you don't look stiff, and the history so you understand the mentality of a b-boy.

2. Top Rocks

This is the part of b-boying/breakdancing where you're still dancing on two feet. This is where you introduce to others who you are and let your character shine.

3. Transition Moves/Go Downs

This is where you go from the top and transition to your footwork with some style.

4. Footwork

This is where you're using both your hands AND your feet to make footwork patterns that dazzle your audience.

5. Freezes

This is the period or the exclamation point at the end of your sentence. How dynamic you want to finish is completely up to you.

6. Power Moves

This element of breaking is what brought it's popularity. Adding this to your repertoire will give you athleticism that will compliment your smooth footwork, controlled freezes, and dynamic top rocks.

7. Concepts and Exercises

This is where you start learning how to take all the moves you learned and piece them as one fluid motion so when you perform in front of an audience you're focused more on having fun instead of thinking about the moves.

8. Bonuses

I give you guys music, behind the scenes training with a student, my practice methodology so you can improve quicker, and much, much more.

"Emeroy makes sure he always delivers and gives amazing product. He will guide you the best way he can to make you understand what your learning. What's great about him is that he's always prepared."

-Marc Miranda, Family Bizness Dance Crew

How long does it take to learn to Breakdance?

The beauty of How To Breakdance for Beginners is that you can go at your own rate. This course has packed a years worth of moves for you to practice. You can get pretty good at this dance within a month with only a FEW of the moves. You don't need to know how to do every single move listed, you just need to know enough to enjoy.
And I'll show you my method for piecing everything together so you start creating your own flow in this dance.

So if you've ever been serious about learning how to breakdance, my courses are perfect for you.

Join the How To Breakdance live course

Learn how to be the center of attention in the next 30 days.

Sign up and get a free Online Beginner's Workshop.

Here's a quick over view of what you'll learn in the course:

  • 46+ videos and 8+ hours of content
    You'll get instant access to the formula, 3 stage process, and the library of moves so you can start breakdancing immediately.

  • 4 week core curriculum to build your dance
    You'll be given exercises and homework that will teach you not only moves, but how to build confidence in front of an audience

  • Music, Exercises, and Worksheets
    So you can practice with music and learn how to stop thinking so much when you're dancing.

  • Accountability with Everything
    It's easy to talk big game, but can you deliver? You'll need to show proof every week that you're following through.

  • Coaching Sessions
    Get all your questions answered and get feedback to get better faster from me.

  • Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group
    Join a community of dancers like yourself who are on the same journey to become a breakdancer.

Just contact me for more details.

Want to learn the material on your own? Check out my self study courses below!

How to Breakdance for beginners

Mini Course - Click here

If you're looking to just get a jump start in learning how to breakdance and don't want to spend a whole lot of time learning different moves, this course is for you. I've simplified it so you can learn the simplest moves that seem difficult.

Breakdancing mini course

How to Breakdance for beginners

Full Course - Click here

Learn how to breakdance at your own pace! Same material as the live course!

The difference? You get to learn at your own speed.

Breakdancing full course

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or contact me!

And if you haven't yet, don't forget to check out my FREE videos here on DanceClass.com, where I cover some of the breakdancing basics so you can get b-boying right now.

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