How To Hip Hop Dance

Welcome to our online class - 'How to Hip Hop' dance class for complete beginners.

Follow along with the class and you will build a whole Hip Hop dance routine right here online.

The class follows four complete beginners who are learning Hip Hop for the very first time.

And they are taught by the best Hip Hop teacher in the world - Lil' J.

So now you get to have a world-class How to Hip Hop Dance class right in your own home. What could be easier?

Lil'J will take you slowly through everything you need to know, step by step.

This class is only the beginning. Once you've read through our entire guide to How to Hip Hop Dance section by section, you will learn everything you need to know about Hip Hop classes and how to dance your best.

So once you've done our Hip Hop for beginners class, make sure you read the guide. That way you'll have lots of insider information that is only available here.

Let's get started.

Clear yourself some space and get a drink of water.


"I learnt your Hip Hop routine, did it at my school talent show, and WON!"

Dance along with your Hip Hop / Street dance class

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That's it! You've just completed our How to Hip Hop Dance for Beginners program.

Congratulations, you can now dance Hip Hop!

We hope you've enjoyed learning our Hip Hop routines and reading all about Hip Hop dance for the complete beginner.

Remember, you can do each bit over and over until you are completely comfortable with the move.

And try to memorize those warm up and cool down sessions in case your teacher doesn't include them.

So whether you just want to master the moves in our online class, or now want to join your local dance studio for more lessons, you'll have the confidence and knowledge to become a really great dancer.

We really hope you've enjoyed it - we've enjoyed having you here.

Happy dancing

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