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A good beginners Jazz dance class will have something in it for all levels of Jazz pupils, from the complete newbie to people who have been dancing for a while.

Find one of these and go along. Well taught Jazz classes are a joy.

Alternatively, keep a look out for Jazz classes that are labeled 'Absolute Beginners'.

Then you'll know exactly what you are getting.

As with any dance, the chance of being among genuine beginners is far higher if you go to a course of beginners lessons that has a clear timetable of when the first lesson will be.

In classes like this, you have the greatest chance of being largely (or sometimes, exclusively) among people who really are beginners and have never danced Jazz before.

If you are going along to a drop-in class, perhaps it is best to watch one first or at least have a chat with the studio beforehand.

There's nothing more demoralizing to the learner dancer than to be surrounded by perfectly honed, bendy bodies. It'll make you feel hopeless.

Clearly, some Jazz pupils are fantastically fit dancers. Of course, if you want to be one of them you must go to as many good lessons as you can. But do choose your level carefully.

We've seen classes billed as 'suitable for all' which actually contain very experienced Jazz pupils who are extremely flexible and who can execute some very advanced moves.

So, that's not really a lesson that includes 'All', is it?

Don't get caught in a class where you feel that you can't keep up with the other pupils.

The students around you should all be of your level.

If it is labeled as a beginners class, there should be beginners in it.

Guys and Girls

The beginner Jazz pupils we've seen have been predominantly women.

In classes where there's been guys, the men have usually been outnumbered by women by a factor of at least ten.

Now, this may suit some guys very well...

Jazz Stretch

On the other hand, if you are a man considering a beginners Jazz class, it might be worth trying to find out in advance how high the male attendance is, if it would bother you to be the only guy in the lesson.

One last thing.

Your weight and age will be no barrier to learning Jazz dance

Jazz can be danced to a very satisfying level by any age, shape or size.

And since a great deal of the magic of Jazz is in the expression of it, the 'sass' of it, it's possible for anyone to get something out if it.

It really isn't one of those dances that is just for skinny young girls.

So, finally, it's time to get dancing.  Read our guide to Jazz moves and steps next...

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