Latin Dance DVD & Instant Online Class

In incredibly quick time, Dancing with The Stars pro-dancer Brian Fortuna will teach you all the latin dance basics.

You're about to learn the CHA CHA & the SWING.

And it'll be a breeze.  With a world-class teacher, you get to attend one of the best classes anywhere without leaving your own front door.

You'll get:-

  • A choice of two classes that show you full dance routines from the very basics to the finishing touches
  • Slow-mo demos to check your steps
  • Men's and women's steps taught separately and then together
  • 'DanceCam' so you can see the back of the teacher making it easier for you to copy the footwork
  • Some intermediate level steps to try if you're feeling brave
  • And how to finesse the basic routines into a wedding dance
  • Each class is 30 minutes
  • Instant access (download or stream) via Vimeo
  • Or get both classes on the DVD

Your latin dance lessons

Latin dancing with your partner is possibly the most fun you can have with your clothes on...

So why do you hug the walls and try to become invisible when everybody takes to the dance floor?

You're missing out on all the fun - but not for much longer. 

We made our latin dance for beginners class just for you. 

As world-class instructor Brian teaches his class of complete beginners, you just follow along and learn the steps with the rest of the pupils.

It's just like you are there in the class, but all in the comfort of your own home.

It's a complete introduction to latin dancing in just two 30 minute lessons from one of the best teachers in the business...

Meet Brian Fortuna

Get the same teaching as the celebrities on Dancing with The Stars from former pro-dancer Brian.

See how he introduces his class to the very basic swing steps

Learn the cha cha

The cha cha is one of the easiest latin dances to learn - if you can walk a few steps, you can cha cha.

It really is suitable for anybody and quick to learn.

On our program, Brian includes

  • The basic cha cha step
  • Parallel breaks
  • Under arm turn
  • Crossover break
  • Then dance the full routine all the way through.

EXTRAS: Once you've mastered the basic routine in the main class you can add a few more advanced steps with the help of our intermediate guide, and there are also tips on how to adapt the dance you've learnt to be your wedding dance!

Learn to swing dance

Swing dance is the foundation of jive dance - the most fun of all the dances!  If you really want to get out on the dance floor and shake your booty, fling your partner around and smile your widest smile, the swing dance is the one for you.

And in this class for complete beginners, Brian will show you just how quick and easy it is to get started.

On the program, Brian covers

  • The basic swing step
  • Under arm turn
  • The walk step
  • The routine is then danced all the way through.

EXTRAS: Again, you'll find that like all our partner dance programs, this one contains an intermediate section with slightly more tricky steps to try and also shows you how you can adapt the full routine to be suitable for a wedding dance.


"Now I can dance the Cha Cha - the class was great!"

"Brian is just amazing."

"What a fantastic teacher!"

"This is unbelievably easy to learn."

"Great for getting your husband to dance"

"I particularly like the fact that the class appears to be useful to a wide range of ages."

Ready to start dancing?

Order instant access via Vimeo

CHA CHA class

SWING dance class

Download or stream $17.98 each class

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And it's available to you for as long as you want it - there's NO time limit on your access.

Latin dance DVD

DVD (includes both classes) $49.98  $39.98

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Ballroom + Latin DVDs bundle

Buy one, get one half price, plus free shipping.
Buy Ballroom for Beginners and Latin Dance for Beginners.
With two classes on each DVD, you'll get four classes in total
- a complete introduction to partner dancing for just $74.97 $59.97

Ballroom + Latin DVDs bundle

Buy one, get one half price, plus free shipping.  Buy Ballroom for Beginners and Latin Dance for Beginners.  With two classes on each DVD, you'll get four classes in total - a complete introduction to partner dancing for just $74.97 $59.97

And by the way, we DON'T chase you for feedback.  It seems like everyone does these days, from multiple emails from Amazon even if you purchase something for $1, to the delivery company asking you how they did.  Enough!  If you want to let us know something, anything, about your experience of dancing along with our classes, just email us when you're ready.

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