Learn To Dance In 10 Minutes

We can prove to you right now that it's possible to learn to dance in 10 minutes, and not just any old dance either.  The Waltz.

Beautiful, elegant, romantic. 

Proper, classic dancing. 

With your partner, in perfect time. 

Takes years of practice and some fancy costumes, yes?  Nope.  It takes 10 minutes.

Does this sound like you..?

You want to be able to dance. 

You'd just prefer not to go through the agony and embarrassment of actually having to learn in a class full of strangers who are all bound to be better than you, right? 

So you never go to a class, you never learn.  And being able to take your loved one into your arms (or just a random good looking stranger) and dance with them, stays on your bucket list forever. 

Shame really. 

Learning to dance doesn't have to involve (A) embarrassment.  Nor does it need to be a (B) lesson a week for months on end before you feel you're making progress.  Nor does it (C) have to cost a fortune as you fork out wads of cash for a private tutor to avoid A and B.

It can be done right now, simply, painlessly, quickly.

It only takes 10 minutes to learn.  The trick is spending those 10 minutes with the right teacher.

You need to get in front of a teacher who has taught impressive dance moves to complete beginners.  A teacher who can take a total novice and have them dancing with ease in mere moments.  A teacher who believes there is nobody, anywhere, who can't dance.  In short, the best kind of dance teacher in the world. 

If you've lost hope.  If you've got several left feet.  If you can't even dad-dance.  Then you need a pro dancer from Dancing with The Stars to give you a lesson and show you how it's done.

No problem.  We've arranged that for you.

Ex-pro dancer on DWTS (and on Strictly Come Dancing in the UK), Brian Fortuna will teach you how to dance right now.

So get ready for this extraordinary experience  - the one that's going to turn you from non-dancer to confident dancer in just 10 minutes, and help you to amaze your beloved (or make a huge impact on that random stranger you've been eyeing up).

Clear a small space around you - doesn't need to be much bigger than the size of a large bath mat.

And pay attention...

You can continue the lesson with the full DVD (or online version), which includes simple moves like a turn, and builds to a whole Waltz routine that's just as easy as the moves you've just watched. 

The DVD also features extras such as how to turn the simple routine into a wedding dance by adding a little finesse and a few finishing touches.

All super easy to learn and suitable for everybody.  Including you...

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