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Your Modern dance class will probably contain a few set elements so here we guide you through everything to expect from your first lesson.

As you know by now, you should start your Modern dance class with a posture check. But what happens next?

You will use every part of your body for Modern dance. It is important to ensure that each area is equally loose and warm.

So you'll probably get a thorough warm up incorporating Ballet and Yoga moves, some Jazz steps and lots of stretches.

You will be encouraged to let go of any tension in your joints and really flex your whole body.

As it is such a good workout, it is likely that you'll get a good, thorough cool down session to end your class.

Therefore, the rough structure of a Modern dance class would be

  • posture check
  • warm up
  • basic routine choreographed for you by the instructor
  • then perhaps a slightly more challenging routine that you add bits of your own moves and steps to
  • followed by a cool down

This is very physical work - even if you are dancing slowly and using only small movements.

Most people find their Modern dance class utterly absorbing and don't notice how much hard work their body is doing.

In one hour, you'll get the most fantastic workout your mind, body and soul could ever ask for.

Modern Dance Class Teacher

Dance Wear

The best Modern dance class clothing is anything that's comfortable, loose and which does not restrict your movement.

However, as always when we say loose, what we mean is 'not restrictive' rather than so baggy it's going to be getting in your way all the time.

As mentioned, a Modern dance class is something that you'll find engages your brain as well as your body.

You could be thinking about how to interpret a theme that your teacher has given you or what shape you are making with your arms and hands.

The last thing you want is to be interrupted by your own outfit.

So any clothes that need to be shifted about, rearranged, picked out of places they shouldn't be, or generally fiddled around with are only going to distract you from your beautiful dancing.

You need a goldilocks outfit. Not too baggy, not too tight, but just right.

Modern Dance Class Clothes

Dance Shoes

And on your feet...?

Zip, zilch, zero, nothing at all. Or preferably nothing, at least.

It's best to feel the connection with the floor for this dance, so bare feet are the way to go.

Also, if you think about any Modern dance performances you may have seen, what were the dancers wearing on their feet? Probably nothing, right?

It's definitely the best way to dance this style.

If you really can't bear that, then socks are OK.

But major sneakers and running shoes aren't so good for this - they distract from the very natural flow of Modern dance and can make some of the moves look a little clumsy.

Best Tips

As always, keep long hair out of your way (and everybody else's) by pinning it back and keep jewelry to a minimum (if you want to rattle and jingle when you dance, try Belly dancing instead).

So bare feet and comfortable basic workout wear is what you need.

Nothing else is required for you to take part in a Contemporary Dance class and get the most from your dancing, but a big smile always helps.

Our final section on Modern dance awaits, with info on teachers and pupils...

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