Partner Dance DVDs & Online Classes

To make sure that absolutely everyone who wants to learn to dance gets that chance, I made these partner dance programs so that I can teach you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I'm thrilled to report that the reaction to these classes has been far above what I ever hoped for.  Here's what some of the pupils said about them

"For someone with two left feet, this is ideal!"
"A nice way to keep fit without strenuous exercise tapes."
"Brian has spurred me on to take up lessons now that his DVD has given me the chance to learn and practice at home first."

These classes truly are a fast, effective and easy way to learn your first dance steps at a time and pace that suits you.

For Ballroom styles, I cover the Waltz and the Foxtrot.  For Latin, the Cha Cha and the Swing.

They are all designed for the complete beginner.

The classes show a group of real beginners learning to dance for the first time. You folks at home simply follow the instruction along with the rest of the class – which is structured in a way that is very easy to master, and quick, too.  Each class is just 30 minutes long.

To complete the learning experience, each of the lessons features bonus footage and extras, such as

  • our unique His 'n' Hers DanceCam which enables you to follow the steps exactly while simultaneously comparing your progress to that of the class,
  • how to develop the steps to an intermediate stage,
  • slow motion demonstrations and
  • a section on how to adapt the steps learnt into a Wedding Dance.

It's an entire dance lesson in your living room!

The DVDs

Was $49.98  Now only $39.98

Was $49.98  Now only $39.98

Ballroom + Latin DVDs bundle

Buy one, get one half price, plus free shipping. 

Buy Ballroom for Beginners and Latin Dance for Beginners.
With two classes on each DVD, you'll get four classes in total
- a complete introduction to partner dancing.

Bundle price $74.97 $59.97

Instant Downloads - just $17.98 each

Waltz class

Foxtrot class

Cha Cha class

Swing/Jive class

Dance yourself fit

Using these partner dance programs is a very quick, easy and convenient way to get a little fun exercise into your weekly routines. And hopefully they may also encourage you to attend regular dance classes.

My gentle yet effective classes are suitable for all, including those who are overweight, unfit, and those unaccustomed to exercise or dancing. Anyone of any age can participate in the classes.

And there is little doubt about the fantastic health benefits of learning to dance, which can increase overall fitness, help to tone the body, improve suppleness and posture, increase energy levels and above all, makes you feel great!

On the DVDs you can choose, via the simple menu system, to practice just one step at a time or to follow the whole class through.

Once confident with the moves learnt, you can then see those steps build into a routine and can even progress your dancing by having a go at some of the more intermediate extras.

So the programs can be tackled in a variety of ways to suit you personally.

This clever structure means you can learn at your own pace, and you do not need a partner at home to dance the steps with you.

Learn dance steps, not workout moves

A quick word about what these DVDs are not...

Being suitable for everybody was a key factor in my approach to making these products.

While there are How to Dance DVDs on the market that claim some dance connection, I've found that these other products tend to put a very heavy 'workout' spin on their content. As such, they are little more than aerobic exercises and bear no resemblance to dancing or dance steps. The instructors have also assumed the viewer has a great deal of ability and a fairly high fitness level.

Talking to people who have bought and tackled these DVDs, I've found a lot of people say the same kind of thing; that they are 'too hard', 'too difficult to follow', 'too fast', 'pitched too high' and so on. This has resulted in disappointment and frustration for many of the people attempting them.

Of course this is where my DVDs differ significantly and provide, I believe, a far more effective, enjoyable and genuine dance experience, without a booming sound track and not a sequined leotard in sight!

They where shot on location in what I think is the most beautiful dance studio in the UK, and also feature original music especially commissioned for this production.

All in all, doing these DVDs is an easy and effective way to learn a few genuine, impressive dance steps in a very short amount of time.

I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them!

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