Guys, It's Time...

You see a beautiful woman you've never met before. You walk up to her and spend a few minutes touching her and pressing your body to hers. She smiles and thanks you.

All this could be yours.

If only you knew how to dance...

It really isn't cool to not be able to dance. All the shows on TV show all kinds of people learning how to dance, and getting quite good at it. So what's your excuse?

Two left feet? I've heard that one a few times before, believe me. But you can still dance, no matter how many left feet you have.

Let me put it another way. It's been said that dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. So, you head out onto the dance floor at a friend's wedding or party, and you're absolutely terrible at it. What does that say about you as a man? Nothing good. Get my point?

It's just not going to get you that date, or even a few moments with the hot girl.

Let's take care of this. It's incredibly easy. Try this, slowly...

You can keep doing this over and over until you've got it. And yes, it really is just one step to the front, one to the side. Then one to the back and a final one to the side.

This is why it's not cool to be a bad dancer. Because the great secret is, it's really easy once you've mastered a few basic steps.

Once you've got the box step above, have a look at the next section below which shows you how to dance this step with someone...

OK? Hopefully that's shown you that with just a bit of concentration, the first few steps are within reach.

Keep at it. Don't give up. You'll get there. Want the full lesson? Order the DVD today. And yes guys, it really does come in a plain brown package...

Or better still, get the Waltz class right now via download.

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