Hello, Ladies...

The gorgeous man you spotted at the party is making his way over to you. He smiles at you, takes your hand and leads you onto the dance floor. He gently takes you in his arms...

And then what do you do? Panic? Run? Step on his feet?

No... you let him lead you. It's what dancing is all about.

OK, I'm a little biased. But I honestly think that dancing is the most romantic thing in the world. The connection you can feel is incredible.

So if a man takes you in his arms, you probably don't want to giggle, spill your drink and mumble something about having the wrong shoes on.

You want to melt into him and the music and let him lead you in a beautiful dance.

(And, if you find a man who can dance well, you're not going to want to admit that you can't, right?)

So ladies here are just a few basic steps that always work (regardless of what shoes you've got on...)

It's really easy, isn't it? Just a couple of steps and you've got a basic move that literally hundreds of dance routines are based on.

So now all you need to know is how to accept the man's hand. It's very simple and natural once it's explained clearly...

That step, the box step, can then be adapted to do lots of different things. It can rotate, it can include a turn, lots of things. And you'll see them all on my program.

I do just have one tip for you that will help when you're learning partner dance for the first time and it's about what you wear...

Dresses and shoes for partner dancing

When you've watched partner dancing on TV, you will probably have noticed the costumes that the ladies wear - fabulous creations with yards of material swirling around and glittery shoes, right?  Well, one of these will help you to learn dance and one of them will hinder you.  Figured out which is which?

Wearing shoes with a heel will actually help you learn these dances.  The way a woman's body weight distributes when you're wearing heels will help to put you into the right posture for partner dancing.  Learning it in flats just won't look or feel the same.  Now, obviously I'm not talking about you wearing towering stilettos - I don't want you to break an ankle.  But a shoe with a bit of heel really will help your dancing.

What won't help is wearing clothes that are loose or baggy or a style that just has a lot of fabric, like a 'batwing' sleeve.  You've got to help your partner out a little here and make it easy for him to get you into hold.  If he has to battle his way through a mile of fabric and gets tangled up in the process, the whole dance just won't come together.  So leave the huge chiffon dresses at home until you're both comfortable with getting into and being in hold.

I hope these tips help progress your dancing so that it won't be long before you're dancing all the way around the floor on the most romantic night of your life.

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