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Beginner's Salsa classes will give you a real flavor of what Salsa is all about. You'll learn the rhythms and the counting patterns of the feet movements. And you'll learn them quickly, too.

The best thing about these classes is that you can learn many basics in just one or two sessions. By the end of a one hour lesson, you could confidently go to a Salsa club and dance the night away.

It's the fastest dancing technique to learn at the basic stage.

There is virtually no other dance style that is so immediately rewarding.

Good Salsa classes will demonstrate both solo and partner dances. At a beginners class, you should be able to attend alone and learn the steps individually to begin with.

Salsa Clubs

Many Salsa classes are held in clubs, usually before a normal club evening.

So it's common to see a local club advertise a Salsa dance class from say 8pm to 9pm and then a Salsa evening that's open to all from 9pm.

This is ideal. You get your lesson first, in which you pick up enough moves and steps to dance a little.

Then after an hour, the usual club-goers arrive and the evening of dancing starts which you'll now be able to join in with.

Salsa Pupils

Sometimes when Salsa classes are run directly before an open dance session in a club, you might feel like you're not as important as the dance evening.

If there are people turning up early for the club evening, the lesson can bleed into the 'proper' dancing, leaving you feeling, "Hey, what happened to my class?".

On the other hand, sometimes this can work out fine. If you've made good progress during the class, to seamlessly glide into dancing the night away with other more advanced Salsa devotees is fabulous.

And one more thing... don't be phased if the Salsa beginners class you go to is absolutely packed. As long as you have an area around you about the size of a bath mat, you’ll be able to dance Salsa just fine. We'll discuss this in more detail when you get to our moves and steps section.

Fast Progression

One thing to watch out for in Salsa dance classes is fast progression that seems too good to be true. Yes, we've just said that you can pick up the basics in your first class – but we really do mean basics.

You should stay at this beginners level until you are truly able to dance the steps with Latino feeling – not just count your way through them.

As Salsa is rightfully a very popular social dance, many people are flocking to Salsa dance classes to learn it for the first time.

However, sensing the opportunity make a great deal of money, there are a few unscrupulous Salsa dance teachers out there who will kid you that you are ready to move up through the levels long before you actually are.

They'll tell you you're able to dance in the intermediate class – and of course this praise will make you feel ten feet tall.

But are you really dancing?

Are you still counting each step and having to concentrate hard? Is the rhythm of the music really obvious to you? Can you dance a lot of different steps without having to copy others? Be honest!

Skipping over the beginner level too quickly will only frustrate you later on.

Stay where you are until you are sure that your dancing has feeling and flows naturally.

Salsa Warm Up

As far as a warm up and cool down are concerned in Salsa classes, there's not much to do, since Salsa at beginners level is very gentle on the body. You may just need to stretch out your calf muscles a bit before and after your lesson.

However, we do include a quick warm up in our class, just to get you in the mood and used to the rhythms more than anything else.

That's it. Salsa dance classes are fantastically rewarding and since it's so easy to learn, it's a dance that we recommend everybody try - especially those of you who feel like you've got two left feet.

Yes, even you can learn to Salsa dance!

Next, what to wear to your Salsa dance classes...

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