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There are very few rules and regulations about what Salsa clothes you should wear to learn in.

It's a great dance in that respect because you really won't have to buy any special clothes or shoes for this, like you sometimes have to when learning other dances.

BUT, there is one crucial consideration when dancing Salsa that's important from your very first lesson: Shoes.

Salsa Shoes = Smooth Shoes!

You must wear the right shoes to learn this dance.

A flat sole is vital so you can turn properly.

That's not to say you can't wear shoes with a heel - you absolutely can.

But the part of the shoe that goes under the ball of your foot should be smoooooth.

The Salsa Turn Step

In Salsa, you are going to be doing steps that involve turning - often in a very tight amount of space, keeping your movements small and close to the body.

So you are going to need to turn or spin on the ball of your foot.

In order to dance well and prevent injury, that turning motion needs to be smooth.

Any shoes that have a strong grip (like running or tennis shoes, sneakers or in fact any shoe that has a ridged sole under the ball of your foot), are going to stop you turning smoothly and could even hurt your ankles or knees.

Here's a test:- are you wearing a shoe that can create a squeak when you wear them on a hard wooden floor? If so, they aren't suitable for Salsa dancing in.

That squeak indicates that the sole has some rubber element to it and it's this that will stick slightly to the floor preventing you from turning properly.

Smooth soles will enable you to turn smoothly. Simple as that.

Salsa Ladies Shoe

Ladies, you can wear shoes with a heel if you wish (although a very thin stiletto type heel is NOT recommended for beginners) and in fact wearing a heel will probably help you to swing your hips a little which adds to the feel of the dance - very important in Salsa.

Men's Formal ress Shoe suitable for Salsa Dancing

And for the guys' shoes? Think formal - the type of shoes you'd wear with a suit...

The message here is safety as well as good dancing.

Salsa Dancewear Tips

Salsa Dance Wear

The smooth soles advice is the only rule of what to wear to learn Salsa.

The rest is just common sense.

For example, you'll get very hot and sweaty in a club so leave your winter gear at the door.

And if the class is being held in a club, it might be worthwhile checking if the club has a dress code before you go.

Ladies, as your dancing progresses and you get into doing more turns and spins, clothing that has a bit of looseness to it, or something that is a little more flowing than usual can accentuate your turns.

Why not try loosely tying a small fringed scarf around your hips to add panache to your movements?

It can create a great accent to your moves.

OK, that's pretty much all you need to know about Salsa clothes and shoes.

But there's still more Salsa tips and hints to find out and of course our class clips to try.  Next up, we have a little insight into Salsa teachers and pupils...

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