Time to celebrate

This year marks 21 years of DanceClass.com
so it's loads of cupcakes for us,
and a very special deal for you...
21% off ALL our
DVDs and Digital classes
(even sale prices).  
Let's DANCE!

Time to celebrate

This year marks 21 years of DanceClass.com
so it's loads of cupcakes for us,
and a very special deal for you...
21% off ALL our
DVDs and Digital classes
(even sale prices).  
Let's DANCE!

Salsa Class DVD & Instant Download

All included in your Salsa class DVD/download:

  • A proper warm up
  • The basic steps and counting patterns
  • Men's and Women's timing so you can dance separately or together
  • An introduction to crossover steps
  • Learn how to dance a simple but effective turn
  • And practise lots of basic step variations so you can make up your own routines
  • Class length: 1 hour 
  • DVD Format: NTSC Region 0 (suitable for all)
  • Shipped worldwide from the USA
  • OR instant access (download or stream) via Vimeo

Got two left feet?  Dread the dance floor?  This is for you.

A complete class for absolute beginners, you need no previous experience of dancing to join along with the other beginners and learn your first few steps.

And they are real beginners - just like you. 

They weren't rehearsed before filming, so you see the whole class; they get things wrong, they get things right, and everybody at the end of the lesson all dances together - a full routine using all the steps they've learnt with beaming smiles all round.  It's exactly the class you need to get you off on the right foot, so to speak.

You just follow along in the privacy of your own home at a time and pace that suits you. 

And the steps taught are the most basic of all the latin steps.  Learning to dance is never going to get any easier than this - it really is the easiest way to acquire just enough knowledge to be able to take to the dance floor with a little confidence.

Put it this way: Have you ever been at a wedding, a club or a social occasion where everybody gets up and onto the dance floor and seems to have a great time?  And you're stuck in the corner, self-conscious and worried that someone is going to ask to you dance?

Well, no more.

Salsa dancing is amazingly easy to learn and our Salsa class for complete beginners will prove this.  This class really will teach you enough moves and steps that you will be able to get up and dance. A dance floor will never be a place of dread again.

Meet your Salsa teacher

Wonderful teacher Larisa will guide you through all the basics in detail, giving you - in just one lesson - all the fundamentals and confidence that you need in order to dance the night away.
Have a look now as Larisa teaches her pupils the very first step...

Solo Salsa

As you can see from the clip above, Larisa teaches her class as individuals, not as couples. 

So you can learn Salsa perfectly well on your own - in fact, it's the best way to learn very basic Salsa.

As your confidence with the moves improves, to dance with a partner all you need do is take their hands in your own and facing them, dance together. Easy!

Best Salsa tip

Ladies, try doing the class in a shoe that has a little bit of a heel.  It'll make you use your hips a bit more and you'll get more of the traditional latin look to your dancing.  A small heel though, not stillettos.
And gents, a shoe with a nice smooth sole will help you to turn with ease, so stay away from the sneakers.



"Larisa is the ideal teacher - she's awesome and the DVD is great."

"This is a must for anyone who wants to learn Salsa."

"Great for practise at home."

"You know what I like about this?  The people in the class are just normal people like me and they don't always get everything right.  I really like that - it's real.  And makes me feel that it's OK to mess up a little bit.  This class gave me real confidence, so thank you."

"This is the best 'How to...' DVD I've ever bought."

Ready to start your salsa class?

Order instant access via Vimeo

Download or stream $17.98 now only $14.20

To get your online class, click the Buy button in the top right hand corner of the big screen above (you can see exactly where on the little reference image here).
You'll be asked to create a very basic account with our partners Vimeo.  It's super quick.  Just enter your e-mail address and create a password.  That's it. 
Then Vimeo will take you straight to the payment processing - PayPal, credit and debit card payment options are all available and secure.
Once you've paid, you'll be able to access you class immediately, and can stream it to your device, or download it - it's entirely up to you.
And it's available to you for as long as you want it - there's NO time limit on your access.

Order your class on DVD

DVD $27.98 now only $22.10

You don't need a PayPal account.
Just click 'Add to Cart' to pay with your debit or credit card.
Delivery $4.30 - tracked shipping to all USA addresses
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Delivery FREE - orders over $50

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And by the way, we DON'T chase you for feedback.  It seems like everyone does these days, from multiple emails from Amazon even if you purchase something for $1, to the delivery company asking you how they did.  Enough!  If you want to let us know something, anything, about your experience of dancing along with our classes, just email us when you're ready.

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