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When seeking out a good class, look for Salsa teachers who give positive rather than negative reinforcement – teachers who make the class enjoyable and who break down each individual step into the very basics.

A great teaching technique that you can sometimes find in a class is this...

The Salsa teacher will initially teach you the basic movements to a fairly fast beat. Don't panic!

Basic movements can be nothing more than taking a step forwards and then backwards – it isn't rocket science. Doing these simple moves to a fast beat actually gets you nicely warmed up and in the mood.

And it gives you the feeling that you are learning quickly.

Once you have learned and practised sufficient basic steps and counting patterns, you may find that the Salsa teacher will put together a routine for you set to a slower beat.

Because you are now used to doing the steps quickly, when you do them to a slower beat, you can really dance them – with feeling.

It is this type of dancing – with true Latino feeling – that Salsa is really about.

And of course it's exactly the way our wonderful teacher Larisa teaches her class.

Salsa Teacher and Class

This is an incredibly effective and rewarding teaching technique and if you are lucky enough to come across a Salsa teacher who employs this method, you'll be dancing well in no time.

Salsa Pupils

Anyone – absolutely anyone – can learn to dance Salsa.

It doesn't matter what age, size or shape you are.

It doesn't matter if you’ve never done any exercise or dancing, or if you are an Olympic level athlete.

Everyone can dance Salsa.

So your fellow Salsa pupils will be a real mix. But everyone will be dancing together in no time.

Salsa is the one dance where you will get rooms full of enthusiastic learners who seemingly have very little shyness and want to get dancing NOW!

As most classes are given in a club setting that doesn't have the full glare of a traditional dance studio, it's possible to 'lose' yourself in the crowd a little more if you really are shy about learning to dance.

Just make sure you get a good view of the teacher when they are instructing so you don't miss anything important.

Since Salsa is so easy to learn, it's the ideal dance for anyone who really believes that they can't dance.

And as we mentioned before, a really good Salsa for beginners class will teach you to dance alone first so you can master the steps without having to think about dancing with a partner.  So in the next section, let's have a go at some basics moves.

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