Swing Dance

Swing dance is just pure fun.

It's energetic, upbeat, exciting and very cool.

If there's any dance that's going to bring a huge smile to your face, this is it.

You want to know what it is? Think about the dances of America in the 40's and 50's; rock 'n' roll, jive and lindy hop. Dances that got everybody up on their feet and dancing to the beat.

You'll find that learning a bit of basic Swing could open the door for you to lots of other types of dance. It's a great place to start and learn the rhythms and moves that you see in so many other popular social dances.

And it is absolutely fantastic exercise. You don't have to be super-fit to try it, but you'll certainly feel the physical benefits of a Swing dance class.

It's true that a few dances, learnt at the very early beginner stage, don't really give you much of a cardio boost, as they are slow and gentle and rely on your concentration and counting rather than your energy levels.

Of course, the more you progress your dancing, of any style, the fitter you'll get.

But if you are looking for some simple steps that are also fantastic exercise for beginners, this could be the one for you.

And Swing dancing has the huge advantage of looking great when danced to a wide variety of music, so you're bound to have a favorite track that you can dance to.

Like the Cha Cha it features a chassé as its basic step, which is incredibly easy to pick up.

See how straightforward it is here, as I teach a group of complete beginners the very first step...

As it's such fun, why not really get in the spirit of things and show the moves off a little? Ladies, you can do this by wearing a skirt that has a bit of movement in it.

It will accentuate your moves and make your dance feel more authentic.

It's an easy way to spice things up and get in the mood!

So there you go.  This dance is really easy and it's just about as much fun as you can have! I dare you to have a go right now.

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