Tap Dance Classes

Tap dance shoes

Tap dance classes are guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and feel like you're ten feet tall.

Whether you are dancing your first class in proper Tap shoes or not,
you'll love it.

If your co-ordination is OK, you should be able to pick up the basics really quickly – certainly enough to keep on practising at home.

And with Tap dance, you do really need to keep practising – as mentioned, kitchen floors are ideal.

But you may be surprised by your first few classes and just how much you learn.

To get started, you may be given a short warm-up or may not.

Our preference is always for some warm-up and most good teachers offer this.

(Although, as mentioned, your first couple of Tap dance classes aren't going to be very physical.)

Then the music will start - that show tunes soundtrack we talked about will really get you in the mood.

Technically of course, you can Tap dance to practically any music that has a strong beat, but it's the show tunes that make everybody smile.


First of all, your teacher will probably slowly take you through a basic counting pattern and the separation of using the toe to tap with then the heel.

These 'isolations' will help you start to think of your feet as each having two very different sections.

You could find yourself spending a large part of your first lesson just walking up and down the studio, practising toe-heel and heel-toe walking.

Please don't think this sounds boring.

It's is one of the most important elements of Tap dance classes and if you're going to become proficient, it really is all you should concentrate on to begin with.

Just think about your feet and the weight you put down into your Tap.

No arm movements, head positions or anything else complicated will be introduced at this stage.

By solely (excuse the pun) concentrating on your feet, you'll get tuned in to the rhythm and feel of tapping.

Once you've got used to it, you can progress quite quickly.

Build a Routine

You'll be surprised that from just a simple heel-toe and toe-heel action, a good teacher will be able to mold that into a little routine, by varying the tempo of the Tap, the pressure applied to the toe or heel and the order of the Taps.

In your first class, it is fantastically satisfying that you will be able to dance a short routine made up of the most basic steps. And if it's set to a show tune, what more could you want?

As mentioned, there may not be any cool-down for you.

But your calf muscles have been through quite a lot to it's always worth having a quick stretch out if you can.

So your very first Tap dance class will give you the basic moves and enough knowledge about your balance and timing to enable you to dance a short routine to music that you know.

Next, click on Tap shoes & clothes for some tips on what to wear...

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