The Waltz is a beautiful, slower-paced dance that is perhaps the easiest of all the social dances to learn.

The cornerstone of the dance, the box step, which is demonstrated below, is very simple and quick to learn. All you have to do is step around making a box, or square, shape on the floor. It's just that.

Since it's so quick to pick up, it's a dance that it's easy to look good at even if you only know that one step.

For example, a simple progression would be to introduce a fluid 'rise and fall' motion to your steps by using your knees a little more and ensuring that you are not just stiffly stepping the moves.

And a further progression, which I teach later in the program, is to rotate the step very slightly. A very easy way to finesse the basic step.

So, already, if you can master the very ordinary box step, there are two incredibly simple ways to make it look just that little bit more special.

It is the ideal dance to do at a social function if space is at a premium because, if you really want to, you can just keep going with the simple box step, rotating it around, perhaps adding a little rise and fall, but basically dancing on the spot.

The hold doesn't need to be anything too formal either. You don't have to stretch out and pose like the pro-dancers do. A simple, gentle hold is more than sufficient and you'll find it quite comfortable as I demonstrate here...

Waltz tips

You can probably tell by now that you really don't have to be fit to try this. Any exercise, no matter how gentle, is going to have a positive effect on your fitness levels. So this is a great introduction to being more active, and is suitable for absolutely anyone to try.

The tempo of the music tends to be quite leisurely. Lyrical and beautiful, but a fairly slow pace. This means that you have lots of time to think about what your feet are doing. So, again, it all adds up to a dance that's very easy to master.

It's the classic romantic dance and as it's so simple to learn, you can quickly impress a partner by being able to dance a few steps of the Waltz.

Next up, let's progress your Ballroom skills with my favorite, the Foxtrot...

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